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Class sells students on customer service

Instructor Jim Kaiser smiles during interaction with students in his COM 394 Advanced Communications Sales Strategies class. The class, a pilot program this semester, will be continue in the spring due to its success.

Farzana Hussain is in the hot seat, interviewing for a sales executive position with a $50 million Phoenix company.

Proposed hotel to bolster downtown Tempe growth

A planned downtown hotel will bring badly needed lodging and parking to downtown Tempe, a city official said.

Safe sex puts money in ASU's pocket

One new company said students can be both naughty and nice this holiday - just "give a Mad BJ."

Buildings to rise, fall at ASU campuses
ASU buildings will be going up and crashing down across three ASU campuses in the coming months and years, following the approval of several construction projects by the Arizona Board of Regents Friday.

Donate to Phoenix nonprofit, get free food
Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity is helping raise money for abuse and violence prevention by offering something few people can turn down - free food.

'Iron Girls' run 10 miles in Tempe
One runner sported a glistening plastic tiara. Another wore a green cape with an "M" for Marissa. A third had a race T-shirt so big it fell down to her knees.

Movie Review: Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny
BISHOP: I'm talking about Tenacious D, the heavyweight tag team of Jack Black and Kyle Gass.

Movie screening: Freedom Writers
Paramount Pictures and ASU Web Devil invite you and a guest to a special advance screening of Freedom Writers.

Shorthanded Sun Devils win home tourney


Just a week after the death of senior forward Aubree Johnson's brother, the ASU women's basketball team came into the Verizon Wireless ASU Classic shorthanded and heavyhearted.

Who will replace Koetter?

The State Press sports staff offers its choices for a successor.

Sports Editor Christopher Drexel wants Texas Tech coach MIKE LEACH.

Volleyball season ends with Florida loss
As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

Wrestler Stith wins Las Vegas tourney
The ASU wrestling team has no problem taking on the best of the best.

Men's hoops falls to Minnesota on the road
In a span of 5 1/2 minutes, the ASU men's basketball team (4-3) went ice cold during the second half of Saturday's 66-63 loss to the Minnesota Gophers.

Devil Dish
Whether you are for or against the dismissal of coach Dirk Koetter, ASU football fans must be excited by the search for a successor.

Opinions: Changing mind a sign of growth

JACKSON: It seems that holding resolutely onto what we believe has become a part of our culture. Those who don't let go are called leaders. Those who do are labeled weak and fickle.

Yet, rather than allowing us to charge confidently forward, both personally and collectively, this cultural small-mindedness has become our greatest burden.

Opinions: So long to professor teaching Bible as literature

HENDRICKSON: Randel Helms, an English professor for more than three decades, is retiring.

His office is slowly emptying out. Books lay scattered about. The walls, however, still announce his personality.

A needlepoint states, "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest man."

Opinions: Wrong time, wrong place
Like a bear emerging from its cage after hibernation, public sensitivity to race politics seems to have awakened in the past week.

Cheaters never prosper


Academic dishonesty has become easier than ever. With the push of a button on an iPod, cell phone or PDA, students can have the answers to test questions and custom-written essays at their fingertips. But how is ASU responding to this new cheating challenge?

Waltzing away from boring bars

Booty shaking and belly shirts may define a night out for most club hoppers.

'Casino Royale' a royal flush
Uninterrupted, smooth, sophisticated images of psychedelic playing cards pour over the screen while the white credit lines appear.

On the runway: Fleur'ting with style
There's nothing like a new boutique to tease out fresh fashion trends, especially one as seductive as Fleur't, whose opening on Nov. 17 was dominated by two of the season's most popular trends: skull designs and customizable clothing.

You asked for it: Holiday hell
This past weekend was probably the first taste this year many of us had with the hell that is holiday travel.

Local limelight: Making music isn't just for majors
In middle school, some students sign up for band so they don't have to take P.E.

RC Helicopters

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