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It's not only a game


Die-hard gamers traded beds for concrete Thursday to be among the first to own PlayStation 3.

Students give mandatory meal plans mixed reviews

As the first semester of mandatory meal plans draws to a close, ASU officials are calling the program a success, but students who bought the plans have had mixed reactions.

Sans insurance, student left soaking
Donovan Palmer wishes he'd known he needed renter's insurance when he moved into the Cholla apartments residence hall in August.

Tempe tables change to loosen single-family housing restrictions
Because Hank, a history senior at ASU, lives with four friends in a Tempe rental home, he's breaking the law.

Club sports snag corp. sponsors
More than a dozen Valley businesses have teamed up with ASU's club sports teams, looking to get the word out about their products and services.

Tempe Planned Parenthood gets face-lift
Tempe Planned Parenthood employees and volunteers took sledgehammers to their own walls Sunday.

Police Beat
An 18-year-old female ASU student reported her car burglarized Thursday evening at parking Structure 5.

EARTH TALK: Healthier alternatives to soft drinks
The marketing of soda to school kids was a big item in the news this past year. What's so bad about soda and where can I find healthier alternatives that still have the "fizz?"

Movie review: Fast Food Nation
Economics 101: There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Concert calendar
A list of concerts, shows coming to the valley. Check back for updates.

Photos: Brokaw accepts Cronkite Award
Additional photos of the Cronkite Luncheon at the Arizona Biltmore Tuesday.

Photos: Déjà Vu, Nov. 13-17
A photo week in review.

Devils can't finish in UCLA loss


In its season-long game of charades, the ASU football team once again showed its ugly side Saturday night, losing to UCLA, 24-12.

Sun Devil offense reverts to old habits

It's hard to win games without scoring a touchdown.

Men's hoops falls again, this time to Portland State
The ASU men's basketball team is quickly finding out there will be no automatic wins this season.

ASU football: kicking and screaming
If there were such a thing as college fantasy football, ASU senior kicker Jesse Ainsworth would have been a nice pickup before Saturday's game against UCLA.

Bruins win despite heavy hearts
With a heavy heart after a pair of tragic losses in the family, the UCLA football team was able to accomplish its goal this weekend.

Opinions: In praise of everyday superpowers

HENDRICKSON: I have found that a foolproof way to lend a little eccentricity to any party is to make one simple query: "Flight or invisibility?"

The question never needs explaining, and as answers are offered, it becomes obvious that many have pondered this before.

Partygoers, interrupting each other to give the final word on the matter, work through the unexpected problems and benefits that a classic superpower would bring.

Opinions: China is misunderstood

PATE: When a nation is the big dog in the pile, as the United States currently is, its defense establishment tends to inflate other nations' capabilities. It's simple self-preservation; without fearsome enemies, the government doesn't need to float money to defense contractors.

Today, the bogeyman of choice is China. So, when Bush was campaigning on a return to big-power, realist foreign policy in 2000, he named China as a potential threat to American hegemony.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor
School should promote the value of all degrees.

Cover Story: The case of the ghost


Follow one student's search to discover the grandfather she
never knew through the campus architecture he left behind.

Starbucks takes over the world

For ASU senior Matt Linden, Starbucks is not just a coffee shop, it's an experience.

Tech check: Video game showdown
Gamers around the world will rejoice this week as Sony releases the PlayStation 3 tomorrow and Nintendo releases the Wii on Sunday, Nov. 19. Each of these new video game systems caters to a different type of player.

You asked for it: Bedroom brawling
Maybe it's the upcoming holidays the chilly 70-degree temperatures, but it seems like everyone is pairing off pretty fast these days (Britney and K-Fed excluded).

Local Limelight: A bunch of damn hippies
Sporting long hair and beards and drinking organic chai, Bo and Kristopher have set out to turn their twist on folk rock into a new genre.

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