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Businesses suffer as game attendance drops

Courtney Sargent / THE STATE PRESS
Manager of Zuma Grill on Mill Avenue Damon Scott has seen an increase in business despite a drop in attendance at the ASU football home games. He also says students leaving the game early create a jump in customers at halftime.

At least one business owner said a decline in attendance at ASU football games has hurt his business this season.

ASU social degree programs merge

Sociology and family and human development majors now have a new school to call home.

USG lashes out at proposed tech fee
Undergraduate Student Government is opposing a $100 technology fee that ASU wants to start charging all students next year.

Smoking ban old news in Tempe
The smoke will soon clear from bars and restaurants statewide, but some bar and restaurant managers say they're not too worried about the fallout from the new smoking ban.

Little time wasted as talk of '08 heats up
There are 718 days until the 2008 presidential election, but many candidates are already starting their bids for the White House.

Police Beat
A Gus's New York Pizza delivery driver reported a theft Wednesday morning at Hassayampa Hall.

Photos: Déjà Vu, Nov. 13-17
A photo week in review.

Photos: Brokaw accepts Cronkite Award
Additional photos of the Cronkite Luncheon at the Arizona Biltmore Tuesday.

Nowhere to go
A steady stream of cars zooms past the intersection of University and Priest, blasting exhaust onto a scrawny man who leans against the stoplight pole and holds a cardboard sign: "Disabled homeless vet needs help." The scorching Arizona sun beats down on Bob Frounfelkner's leathered skin.

Devils have big test in Tennessee


All eyes will be on the ASU women's basketball team when they take the court against No. 4 Tennessee on Sunday.

Devils' pass game to be tested vs. UCLA

Looking to build on last week's impressive win, the ASU football team will take the field one final time at Sun Devil Stadium in 2006 when it hosts UCLA Saturday.

Williams is Sun Devil's latest two-sport athlete

Even though he is new to campus, Kyle Williams is already looking to shoulder the load for ASU athletics.

ASU must watch UCLA pass-rush, keep 'O' going

UCLA sophomore Patrick Cowan returns to the lineup after being injured. He has done a poor job filling in for Ben Olson - the starter at the beginning of the season - throwing as many touchdowns (7) as interceptions. He is also averaging a pitiful 138 yards per game in the air.

Bruins could have QB controversy on hand
The heart of one of the Pac-10's ultimate quarterback controversies will welcome another one this weekend.

Wrestling team travels to Fullerton tourney
A big stage is all the No. 23 ASU wrestling team needs to prove it is one of the nation's finest programs.

Opinions: Learning to live inside our means

RICKETSON: The Nov. 6 issue of New York magazine featured two articles about New Yorkers and their spending habits.

"The Spending Diaries" profiled six Manhattanites with salaries ranging from $20,000 a year to over $1 million a year, and detailed their weekly expenditures.

Even the lowest paid graduate student profiled in the article spent $452.67 a week on expensive meals at restaurants, a $125 acupuncture treatment, movie tickets and other expenditures.

Opinions: Women should be given a fair shot at combat

PATE: To quote from "The Simpsons," which is more or less the summation of all human knowledge: "Things sure have changed; we have women drivers, even women voters ... why not women soldiers?"

Actually, the U.S. military, with about 20 percent women, is one of the most gender-integrated in the world. The current controversy is whether or not to allow women into combat roles.

This one should be a no-brainer. As long as they can do the job adequately, there are only slim grounds for denying women this right of citizenship.

Opinions: Boos & Bravos
BRAVO to the Web Devil.
BOO to Santa Claus being at the mall.
BRAVO to Tom Brokaw.
BOO to the credit-hour threshold.
BRAVO to young voters.
BOO to that chemical in turkeys that makes us all sleepy.

Cover Story: The case of the ghost


Follow one student's search to discover the grandfather she
never knew through the campus architecture he left behind.

Autumn in Arizona?

Autumn announced its September arrival with brisk weather, trees painted in red, yellow and orange leaves and harvest festivals in many parts of the country.

Starbucks takes over the world

For ASU senior Matt Linden, Starbucks is not just a coffee shop, it's an experience.

Marathon woman
Political science sophomore Lianne Russo has hated running all her life. She's hated early mornings even more.

Memoir tells tale of alcoholism
This memoir of a battle with alcohol was a far better read than James Frey's "A Million Little Pieces" and followed an account familiar to that of some of my friends and acquaintances.

Keep the heart of art beating
Although The Paper Heart Gallery may be temporarily on life support, the local art and music venue got a shock of electricity Saturday night as an outpouring of artists and fans jolted through the gallery's veins.

On the runway: Fashion good enough to eat
When business sophomore Shannon Dolan looks for products like shower gel, lotion and lip balm, she often ends up frustrated and empty-handed.

RC Helicopters

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