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Brokaw speaks on campus

Courtney Sargent / THE STATE PRESS
Tom Brokaw speaks to ASU students from the stage of the Galvin Playhouse Tuesday.

The world is changing rapidly and the U.S. needs to confront the effects of globalization, newscaster Tom Brokaw told ASU students and faculty Tuesday morning.

Mill Ave. shops stick to roots

Three veteran Tempe businesses are still thriving downtown despite decades of redevelopment and threats to their survival.

With votes left, Hayworth bows out
Rep. J.D. Hayworth conceded defeat Tuesday, ending the race for a seat in District 5 of the U.S. House that had extended a week past the Nov. 7 elections.

Herpes shot tested in Valley
A vaccine to prevent genital herpes is being tested on Phoenix-area women.

Beam your beats
Move over iPod - there's a new digital media player in town.

West forum mulls media's First Amendment rights
What's the role of a student newspaper when it comes to free speech and the First Amendment of the Constitution?

Graduate on time or pay the price
ASU is supporting an agreement with the Arizona Board of Regents that will require students exceeding 150 credit hours to pay a 20 percent surcharge of tuition costs starting next year.

Photos: Brokaw accepts Cronkite Award
Additional photos of the Cronkite Luncheon at the Arizona Biltmore Tuesday.

Nowhere to go
A steady stream of cars zooms past the intersection of University and Priest, blasting exhaust onto a scrawny man who leans against the stoplight pole and holds a cardboard sign: "Disabled homeless vet needs help." The scorching Arizona sun beats down on Bob Frounfelkner's leathered skin.

Photos: The Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper
View additional photos from The Rolling Stones at the University of Phoenix Stadium Wednesday.

Mercer finally competing as a Sun Devil


If it seems that Marina Mercer has it all going for her this year, that's probably because she does.

No size, no problem for ASU women's hoops

The ASU women's basketball team knew that it would have to make up for a lack of size when the 2006-07 season began.

Carpenter's harsh season finally starts to pick up
With three games to play in the 2006 season, the verdict was all but in on Rudy Carpenter's first full season as the starting quarterback for the ASU football team.

Hump Day Hoopla: Sun Devil sports programs on the rise
Sure, it seems like a tough time to be a Phoenix sports fan.

Devil Dish
Devil Dish

Opinions: Cheating at the SATs and at work hurts us all

KEANE: New depths of cheating hurt everyone involved.

The SAT test: four long hours in a stuffy, sometimes sterile classroom, no. 2 pencil embedded between your thumb and index finger, calculator fuming from exhaustion; a grueling procedure to complete so early on a Saturday morning.

Students perform poorly in social situations because of all the time spent studying for the test; teachers spend weeks veering from their prepared lesson plans to help prepare for it, yet the only time that (hopefully) four-digit score will hold any real meaning in your life is in your college acceptance (or denial) letter.

Opinions: Sordid past is out of 'site,' out of mind

NEFF: Ever get the feeling you shouldn't have posted the Polaroid of you and your ex swilling cocaine and highballs while you eviscerated that hobo with your favorite Swiss Army sex toy? Well, now there's hope for you, with ReputationDefender.

Wired News reports that this new site erases all online evidence of your sordid past - photos, videos, blog posts, even news stories - for a humble monthly fee.

Just listen to them boast. "First, we SEARCH. Then, we DESTROY." Your virulent racism, your fondness for drag, your "sexygurl69" alter ego from eighth grade - you name it, they'll find it and command that all traces of it be erased.

Opinions: What's the hurry?
Just like our parents, it seems ASU and the Arizona Board of Regents can't wait for us to leave the proverbial nest.

Cover Story: Street smart art


Think about graffiti, and you'll likely conjure up images of street names tagged haphazardly on concrete walls in bad neighborhoods. But Tempe and Phoenix's street are creative minds who take their work, albeit unconventional, as seriously as any fine arts major.

Revisiting recess

Bored twenty somethings looking to reminisce about their elementary school days need look no further now that the AZ Dodgeball league has arrived.

Going 'famous'
Milwaukee, Wis., does have a remarkable amount to be famous for.

Phoenix Art Museum completes expansion
Construction of the much- anticipated $50 million expansion project of the Phoenix Art Museum is complete.

Local Limelight: Ree Boado is our hero
Beautiful pop singers tend to get by on looks instead of talent. Ree Boado, front woman of local band Lesser Heroes, has both.

Top 5: Things to do while nursing a cold
1. Get a bellboy (or girl). Turn your roommate or significant other into your personal sick slave, and try ringing a bell whenever you need.

RC Helicopters

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