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Empty bowls fill nursery's needs

Chinese graduate student Chris Kelsey, 23, inspects a bowl before making his final purchase at ASUís first Empty Bowls.

Holding her red-and-cream speckled ceramic bowl, Jessica Lipsitt smiled proudly on Hayden Lawn Monday afternoon.

Stop signs planted at busy Downtown-campus intersection

Stop signs were set up at a once-quiet corner of downtown Phoenix after crowds of ASU students started attending classes and strolling through downtown this fall.

Stop signs planted at busy Downtown-campus intersection
Stop signs were set up at a once-quiet corner of downtown Phoenix after crowds of ASU students started attending classes and strolling through downtown this fall.

Polls are closed, but race goes on
The elections ended Nov. 7 - but it's just the end of round one in the race for a seat in District 5 of the U.S. House.

Herpes shot tested in Valley
A vaccine to prevent genital herpes is being tested on Phoenix-area women.

Students struggle with credit card debt
Bethany Ramsdell racked up $10,000 in debt on her credit cards over five years, regularly shopping at stores like Nordstrom and Victoria's Secret.

Nowhere to go
A steady stream of cars zooms past the intersection of University and Priest, blasting exhaust onto a scrawny man who leans against the stoplight pole and holds a cardboard sign: "Disabled homeless vet needs help." The scorching Arizona sun beats down on Bob Frounfelkner's leathered skin.

Movie Review: Babel
ROSE: I don't understand the movie, "Babel." It's confusing.

Photos: The Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper
View additional photos from The Rolling Stones at the University of Phoenix Stadium Wednesday.

Photos: Party watch 2006
Additional photo coverage from party watches Tuesday night.

Devils drop ball in Sendek debut


Despite the addition of a much-needed home-court advantage, the ASU men's basketball team was unable to kick off the Herb Sendek era with a win.

Women's hoops overcomes first-half struggles

Expectations were that the ASU women's basketball team would pick up its third win of the season with ease when it met up with winless Florida Atlantic University on Monday.

Football Notebook: Ainsworth wins award from Pac-10
The ASU football team's 47-14 win over Washington State Saturday was a culmination of things not only falling in place offensively and defensively for the Sun Devils, but on special teams as well.

Devil Dish
From the start of the season, the ASU football team has gone out of its way to remove any and all video clips of Sam Keller from pregame pageantry at Sun Devil Stadium.

Opinions: Christmas cheer is good all year

THORSON: The radio station 99.9 KEZ started playing their Christmas music at least 10 days ago. The IHOP across the street from campus painted its windows with scenes of a wintry wonderland Friday morning. Eggnog has graced the shelves of grocery stores for weeks now.

And even though I probably stand alone, I can't deny it: I'm a Christmas addict. And I'm eager to welcome the holidays this year.

Most of my friends found out that Christmas music was playing on the radio at the beginning of November and made faces of annoyance. They complained that it's too early, that it's ridiculous to get in the holiday spirit before we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Opinions: Tibet dilemma not simple enough for bumper stickers

WADE: It is easy to see how putting a political candidate's bumper sticker on your car might make a difference by influencing votes, but the Free Tibet stickers baffle me.

The ubiquitous nature of those proudly displayed bumper stickers supposedly demonstrates a desire for actual change to be undertaken in the East Asian region. This begs the question: How exactly will this be accomplished?

Like most revolutions, the use of military force could be employed. But in this case, the U.S. military would have to engage in some sort of military intervention against China. This would mean a war that would make Iraq look minor.

Opinions: Hayworth is right
We don't often get to say we agree with U.S. Rep. J.D. Hayworth, but when it comes to his refusal to concede his bid for congressional re-election, we have to say that the former sportscaster is dead on.

Cover Story: Street smart art


Think about graffiti, and you'll likely conjure up images of street names tagged haphazardly on concrete walls in bad neighborhoods. But Tempe and Phoenix's street are creative minds who take their work, albeit unconventional, as seriously as any fine arts major.

Revisiting recess

Bored twenty somethings looking to reminisce about their elementary school days need look no further now that the AZ Dodgeball league has arrived.

Local Limelight: Ree Boado is our hero
Beautiful pop singers tend to get by on looks instead of talent. Ree Boado, front woman of local band Lesser Heroes, has both.

Top 5: Things to do while nursing a cold
1. Get a bellboy (or girl). Turn your roommate or significant other into your personal sick slave, and try ringing a bell whenever you need.

Brite's Bites: Chatting about Chaat
I've always thought of myself as being somewhat cultured. Well, more so than the average Arizonan, anyway.

On the Runway: Framing Fashion
Bjork's swan impression at the 2001 Oscars. Audrey Hepburn's classic black shifts. These dresses made the pages of fashion history.

RC Helicopters

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