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Iraq war changing Veterans Day

Christopher Atwood / THE STATE PRESS
U.S. veteran Jeremy Williams is a junior at ASU, studying global theory. He worked in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

Their experiences were vastly different, but they have a few things in common; they are all veterans of the Iraq war, and they are all ASU students.

Leaving out the 'latte guy'

One of the many benefits of using a Sun Card is that "[it] makes it easier to avoid tipping the 'latte guy,'" according to on ASU advertisement.

Crow pushes 7 percent tuition hike
ASU undergraduates could see a 7 percent increase in their tuition next year, but proposed fees could bump their costs even higher.

Plan B sells quickly sans prescription
Plan B, the emergency birth control contraceptive, has finally been released over the counter without a prescription, triggering an increase in sales and distribution, particularly on campus.

'Borat' sparks global, campus debate
The world's No. 1 movie is getting attention for more than its "cinematic genius."

Police Beat
An 18-year-old ASU student was arrested Wednesday afternoon at the Memorial Union on charges of trespassing.

Photos: Party watch 2006
Additional photo coverage from party watches Tuesday night.

Photos: The Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper
View additional photos from The Rolling Stones at the University of Phoenix Stadium Wednesday.

Devils' offense goes 'old-school'


For most of the season, the ASU football passing attack had been more difficult to watch than the nude wrestling scene in the movie "Borat."

Women's hoops start season 2-0

If the goal of the ASU women's basketball team was to send a message to the nation with its first two games of the 2006-07 campaign, mission accomplished.

Passing attack lifts ASU past Cougars
On a night when the ASU football team saluted its 1986 and 1996 Rose Bowl teams, it also showed flashes of its more recent past in putting a 47-14 drubbing on Washington State.

WSU offers no answers for ASU attack
On the brink of a bowl game, Washington State junior quarterback Alex Brink couldn't put up enough points to counter the ASU offense.

Volleyball delivers in crucial games
Between winning two critical matches and having junior libero Sydney Donahue make school history, it was certainly a successful weekend for the ASU volleyball team.

Offense dominates for Devils
The Good: Sophomore quarterback Rudy Carpenter picked apart the Washington State secondary like a game of Jenga.

Opinions: Papers could learn from satire

HENDRICKSON: In an era when traditional newspapers struggle for readership, the satirical Onion has seen its readership steadily expand. The secret may lie not only in its humor, but in its radical redefinition of what is newsworthy.

Newspapers are in desperate need of reinvention. Readership, which had been steadily declining since the 1960s, has taken a nosedive with the promulgation of Internet news.

The Onion, meanwhile, has swelled to entertain more than 2 million readers a week. Beginning in a University of Wisconsin dorm room, it now provides free print copies in eight major American cities, commands a strong Web presence and publishes calendars and collections available in bookstores worldwide.

Opinions: Election is mandate to recognize confusing reality

JACKSON: Last Tuesday, after years of being frightened into believing the comforting stories woven by ideologues, the American people found the strength to recognize this truth.

That recognition, more than any other factor, explains the Democrats' overwhelming victory in the midterm elections.

In the fearful aftermath of Sept. 11, our country naturally looked to its leaders for clear answers. Together, we groped around in the dark for some semblance of certainty.

Yet, the truth was, and still is, that there had never been certainty and there never would be.

Opinions: Baby steps
New tuition option is a small move in the right direction.

'Stranger' shows new side of Ferrell
Writer's block can be a bitch.

With it comes bloodshot eyes, broken keyboards and angry editors; but in Harold Crick's case, it's the only thing keeping him alive.

Cover Story: Street smart art


Think about graffiti, and you'll likely conjure up images of street names tagged haphazardly on concrete walls in bad neighborhoods. But Tempe and Phoenix's street are creative minds who take their work, albeit unconventional, as seriously as any fine arts major.

Revisiting recess

Bored twenty somethings looking to reminisce about their elementary school days need look no further now that the AZ Dodgeball league has arrived.

Local Limelight: Ree Boado is our hero
Beautiful pop singers tend to get by on looks instead of talent. Ree Boado, front woman of local band Lesser Heroes, has both.

Brite's Bites: Chatting about Chaat
I've always thought of myself as being somewhat cultured. Well, more so than the average Arizonan, anyway.

On the Runway: Framing Fashion
Bjork's swan impression at the 2001 Oscars. Audrey Hepburn's classic black shifts. These dresses made the pages of fashion history.

RC Helicopters

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