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Men's hoops prepares to begin Sendek era

Longtime ESPN college basketball analyst Dick Vitale recently declared the hiring of new men's basketball coach, Herb Sendek as a "steal for ASU."

Students, profs analyze change in political landscape

The numbers were in, but Tuesday's election was far from decided for most of Wednesday.

Democrats decidedly won a majority in the House of Representatives, but the tipping point in the Senate was in limbo as results trickled in for Virginia.

Practicing Pagans find freedom, variety in faith
They don't sit around casting spells, they aren't all "witches" and they don't worship the devil -they don't even believe in one. They're Pagans, and they're all around ASU.

Police Beat
A 29-year-old Tempe man was arrested Tuesday night at the Student Recreation Complex on charges of trespassing, providing false information to police and loitering on campus.

Photos: The Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper
View additional photos from The Rolling Stones at the University of Phoenix Stadium Wednesday.

Photos: Party watch 2006
Additional photo coverage from party watches Tuesday night.

Photos: Clinton draws thousands to rally
Additional photos of Clinton and the rally on Hayden Lawn Thursday.

Volleyball in must-win situation


For the ASU volleyball team, the pressure is on this week in the chase for an NCAA tournament bid.

Cougars look to rebound from tough UA loss

On Saturday the Washington State football team looks to rebound from a loss against an underachieving Arizona team by playing another one.

Devils, Cougars enter matchup in similar predicament
After what has seemed like a lifetime, the ASU football team returns to the friendly confines of Sun Devil Stadium for two straight games as the team fights to save its season.

The Edge: Wazzu needs win over ASU

Washington State's junior quarterback Alex Brink leads the conference in total offense, averaging 242.4 yards per game.

Opinions: End of elections doesn't mean end of problems

THOMPSON: Please, take down the signs.

Stop the commercials, take back the placards you left in my mailbox and just leave me alone.

I'm tired of the bickering and negativity. I'm tired of being told what to believe in a two-letter headline or a 30-second commercial without substance.

If you want me to believe you, to believe in what you say, then just stick to the issues. It's simple. Give me your positions on social issues, prove to me that you will be ethically responsible and, most of all, inform me.

Opinions: What happened to the melting pot?

BOWMAN: Growing up in an Arizona border town five minutes from Mexico, elementary school soccer games would often start up with shouts of, "Mexicans versus Americans!"

This was why I found stories about the early United States intriguing. Stories where different cultural and ideological groups independently settled across the country, to try and establish their own ideal communities, were fascinating.

Opinions: Alright, now what?
When President Bush was asked what he thought about incoming House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi's comments calling him dangerous and a liar, his response was simultaneously cynical and a cause for hope.

French event brings culture to forefront
Chocolate croissants, a French flag and a play spoken in French, based upon "Snow White" and writer Samuel Beckett, were some of the sights and sounds on Hayden Lawn Wednesday as part of National French Week.

Cover Story: Street smart art


Think about graffiti, and you'll likely conjure up images of street names tagged haphazardly on concrete walls in bad neighborhoods. But Tempe and Phoenix's street are creative minds who take their work, albeit unconventional, as seriously as any fine arts major.

Revisiting recess

Bored twenty somethings looking to reminisce about their elementary school days need look no further now that the AZ Dodgeball league has arrived.

Local Limelight: Ree Boado is our hero
Beautiful pop singers tend to get by on looks instead of talent. Ree Boado, front woman of local band Lesser Heroes, has both.

Top 5: Things to do while nursing a cold
1. Get a bellboy (or girl). Turn your roommate or significant other into your personal sick slave, and try ringing a bell whenever you need.

Culture Shock: Menace to society?
The makers of the "Grand Theft Auto" series have always pushed the envelope with the violence and sexual content in their video games.

RC Helicopters

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