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House to Dems; Senate close

Democrats cheer as Gov. Janet Napolitano takes the stage along with Attorney General Terry Goddard during Tuesday evening’s election night party in downtown Phoenix.

Democrats made a clean sweep in District 17 Tuesday night as all congressional seats went blue.

With new Congress, new direction

Politics may be at a turning point after Democrats took back the U.S. House Tuesday night, ASU professors and students say.

Influx of sex-related incidents in past 2 weeks
In the past two weeks three sex-related incidents were reported on ASU's campuses.

New image for Mill Avenue?
A campaign to promote Mill Avenue as an eclectic, urban environment could give downtown businesses a boost, but the impact of the advertising has yet to be seen.

Polytechnic student honored as role model with Girl Scouts award
The Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine Council held a private reception at The Art Institute of Phoenix to recognize its 2006 World Awards Honorees Tuesday night. Among them was ASU senior Kelley Stewart.

West campus newspapers stolen, culprit unknown
The Office of Student Affairs at ASU West is investigating a report filed by West Express that 3,000 copies of the newspaper were stolen from the campus one week ago.

'06 Proposition Results
See how the propositions stacked up.

Torture victim speaks of ordeal
Carlos Mauricio said his torment started with listening to the sounds of torture around him.

Photos: Party watch 2006
Additional photo coverage from party watches Tuesday night.

Photos: Clinton draws thousands to rally
Additional photos of Clinton and the rally on Hayden Lawn Thursday.

The Stones 'roll' into town
The Rolling Stones are set to play at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale on Nov. 8 with special guest Alice Cooper.

Movie Review: Borat
Putting my gripe about the title aside, "Borat" is snot-dripping-out-of-your nose funny.

EARTH TALK: Not tested on animals
What does "not tested on animals" exactly mean?

Expectations high for women's hoops


The ASU women's basketball team won't surprise anyone with big wins this year.

McGaha thrust into trial by fire

For Chris McGaha, the 2006 football season has been like a childhood game of hide and seek.

Hump Day Hoopla: Stern ruling NBA with an iron fist
The NBA has apparently cracked down on players' excessive complaining geared toward an officiating call they disagree with.

Polk impressive in ASU debut
In a surprise move, freshman Christian Polk was inserted in the starting lineup for the ASU men's basketball team on opening night of the 2006-07 season.

Devil Dish
With a new coach leading the way, the fast-approaching ASU men's basketball season has me thinking.

Opinions: Stopping trafficking along border takes more than a fence

PATE: In response to my article last week on the Minutemen, Jim Gilchrist, one of the project's founders, upbraided me for not giving any focus to the drug and human smuggling that goes on along the border. I thought that was a fair criticism, so here we are.

On Oct. 30, Phoenix police busted a human-trafficking ring that had been operating for generations. After 40 arrests, that's one cartel that won't be smuggling anyone else. But you have to wonder whether these things are like cockroaches - for every one you see, there's plenty others that you don't.

Opinions: IRA's signs of peace give hope to the world

NEFF: On this day in 1987, the Provisional wing of the Irish Republican Army bombed a memorial service in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, killing 11 and injuring 63.

About a month ago, a report by the Independent Monitoring Commission, a watchdog group set up by the British and Irish governments, reported that the IRA had taken unprecedented steps to undercut the group's potential for violence.

If you know anything about the long, ugly and fascinating history of the Northern Ireland conflict, you'll understand why this is a very good thing.

Opinions: Malfunction junction
Sometimes it's no fun saying we told you so.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor
How can some individuals think that it is OK to use an event such as the celebration of a fallen hero to push their own agenda?

Cover Story: Keeping the culture


American Indian students are less likely to continue attending ASU after their first year than any other racial group.

A guide to going abroad

While many students are packing their backpacks to head to the ASU Downtown, Polytechnic and West campuses next semester, some students are going even farther for class.

Students serving students

Sociology and religious studies senior Ryan Sarver knows how to get a kid interested in sociology.

On The Runway: Wear becasue you care
After failing a test or handling a nasty break-up, some students take out their wallets for a little dose of "retail therapy." But sometimes shopping can make life better for others, too.

Culture Shock: Demonic, not dangerous
Buddhist gods are often artistically depicted as fierce and ferocious. But despite their scary appearances, the "Demonic Divine in Himalayan Art" exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum shows that they are friends, not foes.

Tech Check: World of wacky
For anyone sick of all the World of Warcraft talk, the good people at Asymmetric Publications have created a means of taking out your frustrations.

Deliberate dialing
There's a new YouTube sensation in the Valley, and he has the blogosphere in a frenzy.

RC Helicopters

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