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On election day, one final push

Christopher Atwood / THE STATE PRESS

Voter Registration coordinator Jazzy Salome reminds a Tempe resident to vote in Tuesday’s election from the ASU Votes headquarters on the third floor of the Memorial Union Monday.

The smell of poster paint and the chatter of a dozen phone calls filled the third floor of the Memorial Union Monday night.

Community service takes hold in boardrooms, classrooms

Foster children tossed beanbags while chewing pink cotton candy at a carnival-themed picnic in Chandler hosted by an ASU business fraternity.

UA's College of Medicine to replenish number of Valley doctors
Officials at UA's College of Medicine are hoping their newly opened downtown Phoenix campus can help quell a rising Arizona doctor shortage.

Engineering narrowly wins bowl finals
Under the bright lights of a television studio, eight ASU students wait with baited breath, game-show buzzers in hand, for the moderator to end the question.

Actor makes Tempe stop to campaign
Michael J. Fox was in Tempe Monday as the last weapon in the Democratic Party's arsenal of big-name supporters

Student newscast ready for prime time
As election results roll in, ASU journalism students will be trying their hand in live election broadcasts with an extended three-hour "NewsWatch" show.

Election 2006: Coverage and opinions
Election 2006 coverage and opinions.

Photos: Clinton draws thousands to rally
Additional photos of Clinton and the rally on Hayden Lawn Thursday.

The Stones 'roll' into town
The Rolling Stones are set to play at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale on Nov. 8 with special guest Alice Cooper.

Movie Review: Borat
Putting my gripe about the title aside, "Borat" is snot-dripping-out-of-your nose funny.

EARTH TALK: Not tested on animals
What does "not tested on animals" exactly mean?

Women's hoops wins second exhibition


There was no need for any WD-40 when the No. 12 ASU women's basketball team took the court last night for its final exhibition game.

Soccer misses out on playoff berth

After finishing the regular season in top form and going undefeated in its last three games, the ASU women's soccer team had hopes of making the NCAA tournament for the first time in three years.

Bennett proves invaluable to cross country
Brooke Bennett is a girl from a small town with a bright smile and an intense, competitive persona.

Weather determines choices to defer
Weather has been the motive in the ASU football team deferring to receive the opening kickoff after winning the coin toss the past two weeks.

Devil Dish
In a dry spell of decent teams to cheer for here in the Valley, we needed the Suns to be our saving grace. The Cardinals, Coyotes, Diamondbacks and ASU football have all been disappointments.

Opinions: Newspapers need to adapt, innovate to survive

WADE: The numbers for newspaper circulation are down. Odds are your favorite daily newspaper witnessed a decrease in sales, as fewer Americans are reading either a local or national paper for a news update.

Newspaper companies need to recognize the reasons for these persistent falls in circulation.

Today there are more alternative sources for information and commentary than ever before.

Opinions: Hypocrisy highlights political scandals

KEANE: "Have you ever noticed that Republicans are usually involved in political scandals and Democrats are usually involved in sexual scandals?" a student in my high school history class asked once.

"It's because Democrats are better looking!" another shouted out in reply, followed by peals of laughter around the room.

Well, if that's true, certain Republicans must have invested in Invisalign, Brite Smile and Botox, because they're getting quite a bit of action these days.

Opinions: Seven for Nov. 7
We all know by now that today is the day millions of Americans will cast their ballots on countless candidates, a propensity of propositions and a jumble of judges.

Cover Story: Keeping the culture


American Indian students are less likely to continue attending ASU after their first year than any other racial group.

Listening live

Recording a live album can be understandably tricky.

A guide to going abroad

While many students are packing their backpacks to head to the ASU Downtown, Polytechnic and West campuses next semester, some students are going even farther for class.

On The Runway: Wear becasue you care
After failing a test or handling a nasty break-up, some students take out their wallets for a little dose of "retail therapy." But sometimes shopping can make life better for others, too.

Culture Shock: Demonic, not dangerous
Buddhist gods are often artistically depicted as fierce and ferocious. But despite their scary appearances, the "Demonic Divine in Himalayan Art" exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum shows that they are friends, not foes.

Tech Check: World of wacky
For anyone sick of all the World of Warcraft talk, the good people at Asymmetric Publications have created a means of taking out your frustrations.

You Asked For It: Bring on the buddies
Dear Lisa, I am a freshman...

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