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Clays heal skin disease

Christopher Atwood / THE STATE PRESS
Assistant professor Shelly Haydel and research professor Lynda Williams, shown working in the Biodesign Institute, are studying clays that may contain healing properties.

Pimples are pests, but when a pimple accelerates into a skin disease called Buruli ulcer, that's another story.

Students light up to fight propositions

About 20 students sat outside the Memorial Union Friday reclining in a cloud of smoke that drifted from their cigars, cigarettes and hookah.

More voters drop party labels
Ditching the traditional red and blue, more Arizonans are registering independent.

Napolitano stumps for Democratic hopefuls
At the "We Heart our Gov." rally Sunday afternoon, Janet Napolitano's campaign took a backseat as she and various speakers focused mostly on other Democratic candidates.

Police Beat
An 18-year-old male ASU student was arrested Wednesday morning at Hassayampa Academic Village on charges of underage possession of alcoholic beverages in his body and false reporting to police.

Election 2006: Coverage and opinions
Election 2006 coverage and opinions.

Photos: Clinton draws thousands to rally
Additional photos of Clinton and the rally on Hayden Lawn Thursday.

Photos: Dressed up on Mill Avenue
Mill Avenue draws crowds of costume-wearing, Halloween fun Tuesday.

The Stones 'roll' into town
The Rolling Stones are set to play at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale on Nov. 8 with special guest Alice Cooper.

Movie Review: Borat
Putting my gripe about the title aside, "Borat" is snot-dripping-out-of-your nose funny.

EARTH TALK: Not tested on animals
What does "not tested on animals" exactly mean?

Women's tennis wraps up last fall event


The ASU women's tennis team had high hopes when it hosted the 12th Annual Thunderbird Tournament over the weekend.

Soccer holds its breath on playoff bid

Breathing should become easier for the ASU women's soccer team sometime this afternoon.

Injuries piling up for Sun Devils
Three months of football are finally starting to take their toll on the ASU football team as injuries are piling up for the Sun Devils.

Volleyball drops two, falls below .500 for first time
The ASU volleyball team fell below .500 for the first time this season after losses to No. 5 UCLA and No. 6 USC this weekend.

Devils fix penalty issues, not much else in rugged game
The Good: ASU (5-4, 2-4) showed good discipline Saturday, only committing four penalties for 65 yards.

Devil Dish
The ASU football team's loss to Oregon State on Saturday was the second of three Sun Devil games this season not shown on television.

Opinions: Hendrickson: The confessions of a remorseful meat-eater

HENDRICKSON: In retrospect, a bachelor party was a bad time to bring up animal rights.

But in my defense, the groom was a friend, and a philosophy minor, and the invite specifically encouraged "intellectual conversation."

I took the bait. The resulting firestorm taught me a little about how our society understands reality and deals with radical criticism.

Opinions: Biggest joke in 'Borat' is on American stereotypes

GINSBURG: "Borat" was the impetus for 84 minutes of laughter for thousands of people across the country.

The audiences roared as the mustached Kazakh attended a gay-pride parade or invited a black prostitute to a white Southern home.

Meanwhile, the comedy has mobilized an army of people who accuse it of drawing laughs by simply exploiting stereotypes.

Opinions: Preaching to the converted
Political rallies aren't usually the place for measured self-reflection on the part of participants.

Cover Story: Keeping the culture


American Indian students are less likely to continue attending ASU after their first year than any other racial group.

A guide to going abroad

While many students are packing their backpacks to head to the ASU Downtown, Polytechnic and West campuses next semester, some students are going even farther for class.

Students serving students

Sociology and religious studies senior Ryan Sarver knows how to get a kid interested in sociology.

Top 5: Things to do with your costume after Halloween
1. Be a giver

Culture Shock: Demonic, not dangerous
Buddhist gods are often artistically depicted as fierce and ferocious. But despite their scary appearances, the "Demonic Divine in Himalayan Art" exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum shows that they are friends, not foes.

Tech Check: World of wacky
For anyone sick of all the World of Warcraft talk, the good people at Asymmetric Publications have created a means of taking out your frustrations.

Deliberate dialing
There's a new YouTube sensation in the Valley, and he has the blogosphere in a frenzy.

High five! "Borat" great success!
Just when you thought nothing could offend people anymore, "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" has arrived.

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