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Local Limelight: Riding the greasemobile
Courtesy of Piebald
Instead of being half-baked, you could say this musical foursome is fried. Piebald tours the  country in a vegetable oil-powered van, saving the environment from  pollution and unwanted grease If you were heading down Interstate-75 toward Jacksonville, Fla., last Thursday afternoon, you may have smelled french fries.

On The Cover: Searching for Spirits
Pumpkins, graves and ghosts, oh my! While the sheet-spirit is obviously a fake, some people, like Mesa ghosthunter Debe Branning, believes ghosts are real. The MVD Ghostchasers are who you're really gonna call for haunted houses, spirit-infested spots and any other ghostbusting needs in Arizona. This team of ghosthunters brings "Ghostbusters" from the silver screen to real life.

Debe Branning leads a double life.

By day, Branning is a receptionist at the Anasazi Animal Clinic. But at night, the 5-foot mother of two takes on the paranormal as the director of MVD Ghostchasers.

Branning, a 53-year-old Mesa resident, first plunged into the paranormal when she worked at the Mesa Motor Vehicle Division 15 years ago. Branning and a few other women who worked at the MVD wanted to take a weekend vacation with a creepy twist. That's when they found themselves in the midst of moving shadows at the Gadsden Hotel in Douglas for a bit of ghost hunting.

Branning says the group smelled phantom cigar smoke and heard footsteps in the basement of the hotel. They also felt someone brushing up against them in a dark hallway.

Top 5: Alternatives to carving a pumpkin
Top 5 alternatives to carving a pumpkin

Brite's Bites: Mongolian mayhem
I'm a spicy hunan. My brother is sweet and sour. My boyfriend is a black bean mutt.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you've probably never eaten at YC's Mongolian Grill (3206 S. McClintock Dr.), a restaurant that allows you to pack your choice of meats, vegetables, noodles and sauces into a bowl that "grill warriors" (YC's employees) stir-fried on a large, steaming grill for you.

On The Runway: Makeup tips for monsters
Photo courtesy of When little girls practice putting on makeup, they dream of looking like beauty queens. But when Jamie Kelman thinks about cosmetics, he draws his inspiration from corpses, vampires and monsters.

Culture Shock: Behind the mask
The closest many students have been to a masquerade ball is watching the "Phantom of the Opera" DVD. Thanks to the ASU club Devil DanceSport, that could change the evening of Oct. 27.

Kathleen Consador, the club's event coordinator, says DanceSport decided to have a masquerade ball with standard ballroom dances such as the waltz and the foxtrot.

Tech Check: What a character
If you've ever wondered what your own face might look like sketched into a bobble-head cartoon character, artist Lina Chen may be able to get you one step closer to your caricature fantasies.

With her Brooklyn-based company, Digi-Portraits, Chen will turn a digital photo of you into one of two black-and-white portraits: either a realistic sketch or a more bubbly cartoon portrayal.

You asked for it: Airing the dirty laundry
Dear Lisa,

I just moved in with my boyfriend and a couple of his friends. One of the guys we live with (I'll call him Roommate No. 1) smells bad and constantly has his hands down his pants. He hasn't pitched in on anything around the house. I swear to Jesus, I am going crazy. The apartment stinks when you walk down the hallway because to date, he has not done laundry. We moved in together in August! August! Last night I started crying. I told my boyfriend that it's so unfair that he didn't warn me about Roommate No. 1. I guess on the bright side Roomie No. 1 does make me laugh. What should I do?

The face of fear
October is a month where anything that makes you jump, scream or pee your pants is fair play. While Halloween is a holiday that focuses on fear, many people have secret reservations that are not showcased in scary movies or haunted houses.

Modern Monsters
Photo courtesy of Landy Headley
This photo collage depicts a starving African child wearing on of Paris Hilton’s skirts and carrying her dog. A malnourished African child wears one of Paris Hilton's skirts while caressing her dog. Alice Cooper stares at you wide-eyed while holding a cross. A red gargoyle poses while holding two lit candles.

RC Helicopters

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