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Fending off the 'Freshman 8'

Ashley Lowery / THE STATE PRESS
Psychology sophomore Serena Goldstein cooks vegetables for dinner inside her Hayden West residence hall room Wednesday. Eating healthy meals during the week, along with regular exercise has helped her lose weight since her freshman year.
When Serena Goldstein's favorite pants didn't fit after her first semester at ASU, she knew something was wrong.

"I realized that gaining leg muscle wasn't the reason I couldn't fit," said Goldstein, a psychology sophomore. "It didn't occur to me that I could have been gaining weight."

But she had gained a little over 10 pounds.

According to a Brown University study released Sunday, average weight gain among freshman is about eight pounds.

This contradicts the popular "freshman 15," which describes the weight gain many freshmen experience.

The extra pounds are partly caused by large meal portions on campus, Goldstein said.

"There was so much more to eat here and I wasn't really watching what I was eating," Goldstein said. "Basically the only healthy alternative is salad, and no one wants to live on salad."

Campus Dining provides healthy choices that are fresh and nutritious, said spokeswoman Karen Levy.

Divisive 9/11 memorial quotes from ASU

The Arizona 9/11 Memorial is at the center of a firestorm of controversy, with politicians calling for its preservation, cloaking it or tearing it down.

And the roots of the conflict lie at ASU, where University researchers helped develop the content.

State treasurer to resign over fraud charges

Arizona's state treasurer will resign from his post on or before Dec. 1 as part of his plea agreement with the state of Arizona in Maricopa County Superior Court on Wednesday.

David Petersen pled guilty to a class 1 misdemeanor of knowingly filing a false or incomplete financial disclosure statement with the state for the 2005 year.

Munoz, Nordqvist compete internationally

Courtesy of ASU Media Relations
Freshman Anna Nordqvist takes a swing at a golf tournament
Minus the soccer hooligans and infamous head-butt, last weekend's 2006 World Amateur Team Championships of golf in Cape Town, South Africa, felt very much like the World Cup.

"It was the World Cup," ASU freshman Anna Nordqvist said. "It was the biggest tournament I've ever played in."

Joining Nordqvist in the field was her Sun Devil teammate, sophomore Azahara Munoz.

Normally the two are trying to help ASU win golf tournaments, but for this event they competed against each other, as members of the Swedish and Spanish national teams respectively.

Football Notebook: Third quarter the charm for Sun Devils

Halftime can't come soon enough for the ASU football team.

The Sun Devils (4-3) have outscored opponents 59-10 in the third quarter this season. The team's largest point differential in a single quarter last year was just 34 (first quarter).

On The Cover: Searching for Spirits

Pumpkins, graves and ghosts, oh my! While the sheet-spirit is obviously a fake, some people, like Mesa ghosthunter Debe Branning, believes ghosts are real.
The MVD Ghostchasers are who you're really gonna call for haunted houses, spirit-infested spots and any other ghostbusting needs in Arizona. This team of ghosthunters brings "Ghostbusters" from the silver screen to real life.

Debe Branning leads a double life.

By day, Branning is a receptionist at the Anasazi Animal Clinic. But at night, the 5-foot mother of two takes on the paranormal as the director of MVD Ghostchasers.

Branning, a 53-year-old Mesa resident, first plunged into the paranormal when she worked at the Mesa Motor Vehicle Division 15 years ago. Branning and a few other women who worked at the MVD wanted to take a weekend vacation with a creepy twist. That's when they found themselves in the midst of moving shadows at the Gadsden Hotel in Douglas for a bit of ghost hunting.

Branning says the group smelled phantom cigar smoke and heard footsteps in the basement of the hotel. They also felt someone brushing up against them in a dark hallway.

On The Runway: Makeup tips for monsters

When little girls practice putting on makeup, they dream of looking like beauty queens. But when Jamie Kelman thinks about cosmetics, he draws his inspiration from corpses, vampires and monsters.
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