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It's a University family affair

Courtney Sargent / THE STATE PRESS
Biology senior Casey Solem (left) comes from a long line of ASU alumni including (from left to right) his brother-in-law José León, his sister Erin León, his mother Barbara Solem, his father Mark Solem and his grandfather Robert Solem.
When biology senior Casey Solem started attending ASU in 2003, his family added no. 18 to its list of ASU students.

Solem is one of 19 members of his extended family to graduate or attend ASU, including his parents Mark and Barbara Solem, who graduated from ASU in 1977.

"A lot of people are really trying to get away from their parents [in college]," Solem said. "I was not looking for that distance, I was looking for something that would bring us even closer."

Neither the Office of Institutional Analysis nor the ASU Alumni Association track the number of second-, third- or fourth-generation ASU students, though the Alumni Association is working on it.

A whole new meaning for political player

Donovan McNabb or Peyton Manning? John McCain or Barack Obama? Students can now mix and match their favorite congressmen and "play politics."

Fantasy Congress debuted three weeks ago and allows players to draft teams of 16 legislators, including senators and representatives, in order to score points as they compete in leagues.

One student is building his future on eBay

Before even graduating from ASU, Corey Kossack started an online business that raked in sales of half a million dollars last year.

Kossack, a computer information systems senior, started Koss DVD - which sells DVDs, video games and books on eBay - two years ago.

Catanese making big plays for ASU defense

Junior safety Zach Catanese stretches out to tackle Oregon sophomore wide receiver Jaison Williams on Sept. 30 at Sun Devil Stadium.
For those who have watched the ASU football team this season, they have more than likely also caught a glimpse of the Cat.

Zach Catanese that is - the senior safety for the Sun Devils, who, with a nose for the ball and an engine of a semitruck, always finds himself in the thick of things.

Catanese is currently second on the team only to fellow safety, junior Josh Barrett, in tackles with 34 and said it's all a matter of motivation.

"It comes down to who wants it more and who wants to make the tackle," Catanese said. "Whoever that guy is usually leads the team in tackles or is high up there. For Josh and I, whenever the ball is coming our way we try to be the first guy there."

Catanese also has forced and recovered two fumbles in 2006 as is the Pac-10's leading returning tackler from a year ago when he had 107 tackles.

All this has contributed to the possibility that Catanese's last season playing for ASU may not be his final on the football field. It has also compelled him to admit he's hoping it's not.

Small Lund making big plays for ASU

It's not the size of the dog in the fight. It's the size of the fight in the dog.

Sure it's an old and perhaps overused sports cliche, but it rings true when the subject is Sun Devils junior defensive specialist Allison Lund.

On The Cover: Star Struck

Addictions to celebrity gossip seem to be a growing phenomenon. But is there a point when these obsessions can become unhealthy?
Star. People. US Weekly.

We all see them as we stand in line at the grocery store, holding our boxes of Wheat Thins and bottles of Grey Goose vodka, waiting for the old woman in front of us to count out her pennies.

Some of us will glance at the latest picture of Nicole Richie's emaciated body and turn the other way, preferring to stare at the variety of flavors of gum rather than look at the paparazzi's pictures of her running on the beach. But others will grab the magazines and pore over every detail of the celebrities splashed across each glossy page.

With the rise of the get-it-now information available 24/7 on the Internet, it's easier than ever to get the latest gossip on Hollywood. And it seems that now more than ever, people really want it. Some students seem to care more about celebrities' lives than their own. And with gossip blogs, celebrity-magazine Web sites and stories about the latest fight on the set of "Grey's Anatomy" surfacing even on hard-news sites like, even those who don't care can't escape the coverage.

Movie Review: 'The Prestige'

If nothing else, Christopher Nolan is a magician.

In 2000, the enigmatic director made chronological time constraints disappear in the "Memento."

Last year, he pulled a dark, symbol-driven film of a rabbit out of a constraining, popcorn-flick hat with "Batman Begins."

With his newest movie "The Prestige," which opened Friday, he puts real magic in front of the lens, telling the story of a violent rivalry between two magicians in turn-of-the-century England.
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