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Culture Shock: Breaking the fast

Iftar a taste of Muslim culture

 by Megan Salisbury
 published on Thursday, October 19, 2006


Most students would get rumbles in their stomach if they skipped lunch. But members of the Muslim Students' Association are no strangers to missing meals

October is Ramadan, the month of fasting for followers of the Islamic religion. From late September through late October, Muslims abstain from eating from sunrise to sunset in the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad.

Rema Nasaredden, a nonprofit management senior and president of MSA, says anyone can break fast with the MSA.

"Since we are fasting all day before and after sunset, Iftar is what the dinner is called for breaking fast. It's a big feast," Nasaredden says.

But tonight at 5:45 at Kiwanis Park (6111 S. All-America Way), the MSA will hold Iftar for anyone who's interesting in attending, including non-Muslims.

"This is a potluck type of deal where they bring all kinds of food, pizza, cultural food or whatever," Shrourou says. "It's a chill little get together. Everyone brings their friends and socializes."

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