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On the Cover: Generation M
We watched the clock tick down to midnight on the eve of the new millennium. We were old enough to understand the significance of the Twin Towers falling, but we were clueless about the Berlin Wall. We're a new generation - the millennial generation - and now the rest of the country is watching us.

You are being watched.

Researchers know who you are. They've seen what sites you visit on the Internet and how frequently you visit them. They monitor your text messaging, blogging and podcasting. They're aware of your attitudes toward minorities, your feelings about politics and your constant need to multitask.

And what they don't know, they'll soon find out.

At least, that's what experts hope. Researchers both nationwide and at ASU are devoting large portions of their time to learning more about our generation - the millennial generation.

Local Limelight: Ride 'em, cowgirl
Courtesy of Stephanie Eason
Secondary education sophomore Stephanie Eason discovered her talent for singing country music on the local TV competition “Gimme the Mike!” Stephanie Eason never thought she'd be a singer. But when her best friend secretly signed her up for a church talent show three years ago, she realized her hidden talent for singing.

She ended up singing Mandy Moore songs in the talent show two years in a row. Each time she competed against more than 15 other teens, and each time she took the bronze medal.

Top 5: Stories You'll Never See in SPM
Top 5 stories you'll never see in SPM

Brite's Bites: Good things come in small baskets
Yogi Bear isn't the only one trying to get away with picnic baskets these days. And Tempe's Picnic Company knows it.

The Picnic Company Gourmet Cafe (1415 E. University Drive) offers a wide variety of special sandwiches, salads, soups, desserts and coffee. The best part? For about an extra $12 so you can get your meal packed in a picture-perfect picnic basket, ready to eat after a stroll in your favorite park.

Culture Shock: Don't like football?
As of today, education senior Jessica Dailey will have completed one of her three life goals.

She hasn't climbed Mt. Everest or bungee jumped yet. But tonight at the first ever ASU Academic Bowl, she will check the third goal off her list.

"There is nothing I'd rather do than experience the thrill of competing with others using my brain," Dailey says.

Tech Check: Rentable fashion
Your accesories can be just as posh as Paris Hilton's.

Thanks to the Web site, you can now rent the same jewelry you see your favorite celebrities wear on the red carpet.

On, not only can you choose from a huge variety of designer bags like Gucci, Coach and Prada, but you can also rent designer jewelry. They have four different collections to choose from: Couture, Diva, Princess and Trendsetter.

And the tiara goes to...
Journalism sophomore Carly Campo was crowned Miss Washington County in her home state of Idaho last summer. Wearing a pageant crown requires more than balancing a tiara on perfectly placed hair. Some people spend a few hours watching televised beauty pageants, but competing beauty queens like ASU student Hilary Griffith prepare for months.

"Fulfilling my year of service as Miss Arizona is a full-time job," says Griffith, who won her title in June 2006.

You asked for it: Stop stressing
I have to admit that it was not a surprise to me that there were no letters this week. I'm positive that the vast majority of you all are stressed out, sleep deprived and working like crazy to finish research papers and cram for exams.

That's right! It's midterms, that magical time of year when the start of the cold and flu season coincides with mid-semester emotional breakdowns. So in lieu of a response to reader mail, here are my recommendations for a handful of things you can do to alleviate mid-semester stress (if you've got the time...)

Haunted Havens

It's October and that can mean only one thing: the Valley is once again home to all things haunted. From haunted houses and ghost towns to mazes and cornfields, all things evil have come to Arizona.

This October packs a double whammy, because it includes not only Halloween on Oct. 31, but also the ever-feared Friday the 13th. What better night to go and get your haunt on? With so many choices in town, SPM gives you the lowdown on where to go and what to expect.

RC Helicopters

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