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Tech Check: Old-West workout

Rodeo-style exerciser is a wrangler's dream

 by Si Robins
 published on Thursday, September 28, 2006


There's a certain kind of person who likes to get up in front of a crowd and ride a mechanical bull in a dive bar on a Friday night.

There's also a certain kind of person who likes to work out at home, away from the prying eyes and buff bodies at the gym.

If you fit both of these profiles, the Mechanical Core Muscle Trainer was created with you in mind.

Hammacher Schlemmer (, Manhattan's most wacky gadget creators, bring you this machine. Think part Bowflex, part rodeo. For a hefty $2,000, you can get this machine delivered to your front door.

By plugging it in and strapping yourself in, you've already accomplished the hardest part. Sit back, relax and enjoy the easiest workout of your life.

The product lets you achieve a 20-minute workout while sitting on a saddle, so you can work your glutes, upper-thigh muscles, abdominals and lower back while watching TV. You could probably take a nap, too.

The saddle is complete with a panel at the pommel to select three different exercise programs at nine different speeds.

But hardcore cardio lovers beware: those looking for a more challenging workout may still need to head for the gym._

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