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Top 5: Outlandish fashion trends

 by Megan M. Salisbury
 published on Thursday, September 28, 2006


1. Caffeine-laced tights

Palmers Slim Fit 20 pantyhose have embedded caffeine microcapsules that are released by body heat and deposited right into your bloodstream, boosting your metabolism and helping you burn cellulite. You can find them at for about $50 for a three-pack.

2. Crystal-encrusted bandages

Getting hurt has never been so sexy with German designed fashion bandages. You can buy a three- pack for around $13 at

3. Fruit-flavored oxygen in a can

Need a breath of fresh air? This canned oxygen comes in Mountain Mint and Tropical Breeze flavors, and inhaling it gives you a boost in energy and alertness. $15 per can,

4. Temporary Angelina Jolie lips

Lip glosses like Lip Venom, Too Faced Lip Injection, and LipFusion contain micro-collagen causing your lips to temporarily swell and look bigger. They're painful to both your lips and wallet (prices range from $15 to $50), but they work. Plump it up at

5. HipSips water bottles

Rubbermaid HipSips are fashionable water bottles with fabric covers, pockets, charms and other personalizations. They're meant for little kids, but for $10, who cares? Get yours at

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