Brite's Bites: Fahrenheit's turns up the heat

 by Tara Brite
 published on Thursday, September 28, 2006

It's getting hot in here. (In Fahrenheit's that is.)
The restaurant/sports bar, at 940 S. Gilbert Road in Gilbert, features an assortment of American food. Some of the fare features interesting twists.
I drove by Fahrenheit's while out on the town with my mom, Deby Brite. From the outside, the modern architecture in Gilbert's nicer neighborhood made Fahrenheit's look like a fancy restaurant. But the inside of the restaurant revealed a sports bar with three large televisions airing the Cardinals game.
While there was a small "family portion" of the restaurant, with sports decor on the walls and a deer head over the fireplace, the waiter informed us this section would soon be demolished to make room for more sports.
For starters, Fahrenheit's features some of the normal bar food - fries, onion rings and spinach-and-artichoke dip. (Don't worry, the spinach isn't fresh.) But an interesting choice is the spring rolls filled with cream cheese and jalapenos instead of the normal veggies.
For lunch I ordered the grilled cheese sandwich. It sounds lame, I know, but this was the best grilled cheese sandwich I have ever had. The bread was perfectly toasted on a grill and there were five kinds of cheese, tomatoes and mayonnaise melted on the inside. It was cheese-tastic.
My mom ordered the prime rib sandwich, which she described as "the best sandwich I've ever eaten." The bread was lightly toasted and the prime rib was juicy.
Each sandwich came with the choice of french fries or onion rings, so we ordered both. The onion rings were lightly battered and deliciously crispy. The fries were above average - warm, soft and lightly salted - but they weren't the best I'd ever had. (That award goes to Four Peak's beer-battered fries at 1340 E. Eighth St.)
For dessert we ordered the cheesecake, which was, surprisingly, the worst part of the meal. This dessert was obviously a premade, frozen dish they had purchased from somewhere like Costco. The first couple bites were OK, but the middle was still frozen. Because we complained, the manager took the cheesecake off the bill. The waiter told us he literally measured the temperature of the cheesecake and agreed that it was frozen (as if you couldn't tell by the ice crystals formed on it). Fahrenheit's still gets bonus points for service.
So as the temperature outside starts cooling off in the next few months, head to Fahrenheit's in Gilbert for some good service, great food and a little bit of heat.

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