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Music Notes: Citizen Cope, Greeley Estates

 by Jacqueline Mazur & Celeste Sepessy
 published on Thursday, September 21, 2006


Citizen Cope
Every Waking Moment
5/5 stars
The refreshing acoustic/R&B sounds of lead vocalist and guitar player Clarence Greenwood of Citizen Cope are anything but passe. Citizen Cope's new album, "Every Waking Moment," may fool you into thinking the group is solely acoustic until you're thrown into a rhythmic, soulful style of music that keeps you listening and wanting more. For some, the lyrical sounds of Ben Harper come to mind. For others, a rejuvenating surprise awaits. For those hesitant to purchase the CD, Citizen Cope will be performing at ASU's Memorial Union Stage on Monday, Oct. 9, at 1 p.m.


Greeley Estates
Far From the Lies
1.5/5 stars
The style of music Greeley Estates plays stopped being cool five years ago. But their newest CD, June's "Far From the Lies," proves this assumption wrong. "Far From the Lies" is stereotypical screamo with bad breakdowns, high-pitched screaming, equally whiny regular singing and the occasional acoustic intro. The lyrics are predictable: "I tried to tell you that I loved you so many times before. But you never let me be a part of your life." But the CD does redeem itself - somewhat. Just signed to the Record Collection label, "Far From the Lies" is professional. It's tolerable compared to the multitude of screamo-tunes one will hear on In any case, congratulations to Greeley Estates for being twenty-somethings and touring across North America on a regular basis.


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