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Stadium now 'house of heat'

Renovations to Sun Devil Stadium include numerous ASU logos and Sparky banners, along with new end zone and midfield paint designs.
Like parents watching their child leave the nest, ASU couldn't wait to redecorate the abandoned room that was Sun Devil Stadium following the end of its 18-year relationship with the Arizona Cardinals.

After the Cardinals' move to Glendale, ASU gave the stadium a makeover of paint, vinyl, banners and advertisements, said Steve Hank, ASU assistant athletic director.

"[You're] walking into the 'house of heat,' or into the home of the Sun Devils," Hank said of the stadium's new look. "It's wholly [ASU's]."

Hank said the planning process for the makeover had been underway for a year and the actual decoration took about 3 1/2 months.

ASU was previously restricted in the decorations it could use, because of time constraints and NFL rules, Hank said.

"We were a shared tenant with the Cardinals," he said.

Munsil set for November ballot

PHOENIX - Len Munsil walked into the Hyatt Regency Tuesday evening to a fanfare of constituent support, after winning the Republican nomination for governor.

In a close race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, Munsil pulled ahead in the final hours of the primary election, raking in 50 percent of the vote, or 121,844 votes, with Don Goldwater trailing behind at 41 percent, or 99,309 votes, with 93 percent of the precincts reporting.

New CVS could come at a price

A proposed CVS could bring drug-store basics like cough syrup and deodorant to downtown Tempe, but parking requirements may mean existing businesses along Mill Avenue would have to move.

The proposed 13,000-square foot pharmacy would be located at the southwest corner of University Drive and Mill Avenue, according to preliminary site plans.

Donahue digs life as Devils' libero

Christopher Atwood / THE STATE PRESS
Junior Sydney Donahue spikes the ball during practice Tuesday
For Sun Devils junior libero Sydney Donahue, volleyball is not just a game. It's the family business.

Her aunt, Denise Corlett, has spent 17 years coaching at Stanford, where she currently serves as associate head coach. Her two older sisters, Whitney and Brooke, also played volleyball for NAU and Colorado respectively.

Donahue said the game has been part of her life for as long as she can remember."I have been in the gym my whole life," Donahue said. "I started playing organized club volleyball when I was six in 12-and-under, so I was always playing with older girls."

ASU coach Brad Saindon said he expected Donahue to be an impact player when he was recruiting.

"We knew with the pedigree that she has, she was going to be a great volleyball player," he said. "We really wanted her on our team, and look what she's doing. She's one of the best liberos in the country."

Devils must adjust to Colorado weather

The ASU football team is preparing for its first away game of 2006 this Saturday at the University of Colorado after playing its first two games at Sun Devil Stadium.

Playing on the road will require the team to adjust to the elements.

The weather in Boulder, Colo., is expected to be partly cloudy with a high of 60 degrees and a low of 42 degrees.

On the Cover: Standing Room Only

On a muggy Thursday evening in late August, Phoenix's Modified Arts is packed to the brim with sweaty attendees waiting to see Phoenix band Reubens Accomplice take the stage.

Two nights later, a long line of people stretches down Jackson Street in Phoenix, waiting to enter the Brickhouse Theater to see a show that features local acts The Stiletto Formal and DeSole.

Both crowds are here to see shows that feature both local and national acts.

While national magazines like Rolling Stone and Billboard have reported decreases in live music performance sales in the last few years, many Phoenix and Tempe venues are not experiencing a problem.

Local venue owners, ranging from the huge, superstar stadiums to the smaller clubs and music halls, claim that attendance is high, but there continues to be news of a national slump.
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