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Tech Check: Personalized Playlists

Your computer can match your musical tastes

 by Celeste Sepessy
 published on Thursday, September 7, 2006


Dubbing itself a "social music revolution," allows you to be the ultimate music snob. After registering and downloading a plug-in, this Web site tracks every song you listen to on your computer and iPod.

Every week the site provides a bar chart of your top artists listened to. Charts of your overall top artists and songs are displayed as well.

But the recommendation program is what really hits the spot. After listening to a substantial amount of music, the Web site provides a radio station of artists that are similar to the ones you've already listened to based off of what other users who have similar tastes listen to.

You can even denote the level of obscurity of the bands on your personal radio.

Similarly, helps Internet browsers find music they enjoy by creating their perfect radio station online.

Pandora is a branch of the Music Genome Project, which provided a musical analysis of over 10,000 artists. This study analyzes a song's rhythm, harmony, lyrics, arrangement and melody.

When you type in your favorite artist or song, a list of artists and songs with similar "genes" begins to play.

Feel free to impress your friends with your new recommendations. Everyone loves music tailored to his or her specific tastes.

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