Top 5 books to check out instead of your required reading

 by Celeste Sepessy
 published on Thursday, September 7, 2006

1. The People of Paper By Salvador Plascencia
Plascencia's debut is one you'll definitely have to read more than once to appreciate.

2. Breakfast of Champions By Kurt Vonnegut
"A light read that is absolutely hilarious," says global studies sophomore Brianna Chan.

3. Vroom with a View By Peter Moore
You'll love Moore's narrative of his travels across Italy on a '61 Vespa.

4. Special Topics in Calamity Physics By Marish Pessl
"One of the best books I read this year," says Kyle Hague from Changing Hands Bookstore.

5. Please Don't Come Back from the Moon By Dean Bakopoulus
You'll love this novel about a town's fathers who disappear, each saying he is going to the moon.

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