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Check out these spins on standard shoe style

 by Jacqueline Mazur
 published on Thursday, September 7, 2006


From shoes with built-in roller-skate wheels to Nike tennis shoes that monitor your workout regimen, footwear has gained new ground in fashion - and functionality.
Roll with it

Roller shoes were "in" for middle-schoolers when we were in high school, and much to the dismay of those of us who can't stand kids whizzing by when they should be walking, they are still popular with that age group. They seem especially prevalent in crowded spaces like movie theaters and shopping malls.
"Roller shoes are OK on a school campus or at work, but not in malls," says marketing junior Shannon Stone. "Kids dart out and hit people."
But roller shoes may not be as dorky as adults seem to think. They have a retractable wheel built into the heel of the shoe that will send you from walking to rolling with a simple transfer of weight.
The shoes were invented by Roger Adams in 2000 and have become so popular since then that they are now available in adult sizes. That's right - if skateboarding or biking isn't your style, these shoes might be your ticket to getting to and from class.
You can purchase a pair of roller shoes from $49.99 to $99.99 at
Smart shoes

If you like a little science fiction in your shoe, Nike's got it covered with its new shoe-iPod hybrid, the Nike+ Air Zoom Moire.
These technological treads sync your iPod Nano (sold separately) to your step with a tiny sensor that fits into the heel. The sensor wirelessly transmits speed and stride length back to the iPod Nano. This pair also calculates calories burned, time run and distance traveled and displays them all on your iPod screen. Don't purchase the shoes without the the Nike+ sensor and iPod Nano. (The software only works with the Nano.) The software costs $29 and the shoes cost $100 at any Nike store.
"That seems pretty cool," says kinesiology sophomore William Alkhoury. "It shows improvement in technology."

If you'd prefer more freedom for your feet, functional flip-flops could be your sole-mate. While many students are familiar with Reef brand flip-flops, they may not be aware of a certain style that has been around for years - alcoholic Reefs.
Reef's Fanning style sandals have a bottle opener built into the arch of the shoe, thus allowing you easy access to opening your "soda" - or any other beverage you might be drinking. Picture this scenario: You're at a party with plenty of nice, foamy beer all around you but no bottle opener. Have no fear, alcoholic Reefs are here.
Fanning Reefs can be purchased for $43.95 online at, and prices vary at many other online retailers.
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