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Music Notes: Los Abandoned, Persephone's Bees

 by Stephanie Berger and Bittina Erickson-Larson
 published on Thursday, September 7, 2006


Los Abandoned

Mix Tape

4/5 stars

Los Abandoned is yet another band out of Los Angeles. But unlike the standard "we're trying so hard to be different that we just blend in" fare, Los Abandoned's sound is eclectic and infectious. The female lead singer, Lady P, has a voice that manages to be sugary-sweet even when she's screaming. But Los Abandoned's most distinct feature is that many of their songs feature lyrics in English, Spanish and Spanglish. That's right, just like the inept conversations you had in your high school Spanish class, Lady P often switches from English to Spanish within songs and even within sentences. The group actually pulls off this jumbled effect when combined with its fun subject matter. ("Stalk You" is about a girl who just can't stop following her crush around, while "Van Nuys" features the line "En Van Nuys there's porno stars, and swap meets...but it's not paradise.") You'll find yourself laughing out loud while tapping your feet to these irresistible tunes.


Persephone's Bees

Notes from the Underworld

3.5/5 stars

This CD will grow on you. The gypsy-inspired lyrics by Russian native Angelina Moysov combined with the power-pop chords of Tom Ayres create music that will make you want to ride your bike through a field of daises or run barefoot on a beach (and pretend you're not in Arizona for a moment). It's hard to put a label on this group's unique sound. Some sections sound like a '70s sitcom theme song, and others are more along the lines of California electro-pop. With lyrics like, "too hot for tea, but I'll drink it anyway," Persephone's Bees will transport you out of the desert and into a world of candy-coated happiness.


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