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Tech Check: No more fuzzy mold sandwiches

Timestrip technology keeps track of your leftovers' lifespan

 by Stephanie Berger
 published on Thursday, August 31, 2006


Are you going to eat that? If not, then why is it still in your fridge?

The age-old dilemma of keeping track of the amount of time leftovers have been in your refrigerator can lead to wasted food at best, and unfortunate cases of food poisoning at worst.

But now there's a new way to make sure that you trash any food that has reached its expiration date.

Timestrips are "single-use, disposable smart-labels, which automatically monitor lapsed time, ranging from under one day to six months," according to Timestrip, Ltd., the United Kingdom-based company that created them.

You simply peel the paper off the small sticker and slap it onto that jar of mayonnaise you just opened or steak you just tossed into the freezer. A spot on the sticker lets you know it has been activated, and then the tinted liquid inside moves along the time-scale monitor at a consistent rate.

Depending on whether you buy the "fridgestrip" or "freezerstrip" variety, the strip will tell you exactly how many days (up to 2 weeks) or months (up to one year) that it has been since you activated the strip.

For around $14 (the price is in British pounds), you can get 50 of either Timestrip variety at

Just remember, it's still up to you not to throw caution to the wind and eat that 13-day-old mystery meat.

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