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Culture Shock: Irked and Inked

The Suicide Girls challenge conventional beauty

 by Megan Salisbury
 published on Thursday, August 31, 2006


We've all seen flawless models in Cosmo and on America's Next Top model. But according to Missy Suicide (real name: Selena Mooney) this cookie-cutter image is not hot.

That is why Mooney started the Suicide Girls Web site,, where models with tattoos, piercings and individuality are in, and flawless blondes are out.

"[Tattoos] are a form of self expression and beauty," Mooney says. "They illustrate what is going on in the inside on the outside. I think there is something so beautiful about a real girl, feeling confident and beautiful about herself, that people can easily relate to."

This Web site is full of artful nudity to help express and show the personalities of the models. From tattoos to personal blogs, you can understand who these models truly are. Each woman has her own set of artful pictures. But in order to view the full package, you must a pay a fee (prices range for different subscriptions). However, there are plenty of sample pictures to view.

"I just wanted to show the world that beauty comes in a whole rainbow of hair colors and body types, that confidence is the key to beauty," Mooney says. "The girls with tattoos and piercings have a lot to say and share with the world."

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