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Music Notes

 by Jacqueline Mazur and Si Robins
 published on Thursday, August 31, 2006


The Tyde

Three's Co.

3/5 stars

The name says it all. The Tyde, an indie surfer-rock group, comes from nowhere else but the busy shores of Southern California. The band parallels the sounds of Weezer with an all-too-familiar emo-esque Jack Johnson twinge thrown into the mix. The Tyde's first album, creatively titled Once, enjoyed enough success to create a second album entitled, (believe it or not) "Twice." With sounds that collide much like waves on the shore, these all-too-familiar rhythmic, repetitive beats put The Tyde's third album, "Three's Co.," into the easy-listening genre. Whether headed off to the shoreline for some early morning breaks, or (in our case), headed poolside to catch some rays, The Tyde affectionately captures the essence of California cool. Three's Co. was released Aug. 29th.


Bring it on!

2/5 stars

When Horrorpops' singer/bassist Patricia Day wails "... and you wanna name our kids Morticia and Fester" in the song "Walk Like a Zombie," it's obvious this band walks on the darker side of life. Released nearly a year ago, Bring it On! sounds more Orange County than Denmark, where the band is originally from. Channeling Gwen Stefani, Day kicks and screams her way through 13 tracks, cursing her past and leaving the listener strangely amused, which may or may not be the reaction the band was going for. The Horrorpops will roll into Tempe this weekend complete with two very naughty go-go dancers to add an even stranger touch to their already bizarre live antics. SEE THEM: At the Marquee Theatre (730 N. Mill Ave., Tempe) on Saturday, Sept. 2, at 6:30 p.m. Show is all ages. Tickets are $15; get more information at

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