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Top 5: ways to make quick money - legally

 by Nicole Fuggs
 published on Thursday, August 31, 2006


1. Sell your old clothes.

Do you still have T-shirts you haven't worn since high school? Take your old clothes to places like Buffalo Exchange (227 W. University Drive) or My Sister's Closet (6204 N. Scottsdale Road).

2. Online surveys.

Believe it or not, you can get free stuff for taking online surveys from, a Web site that gives you points to redeem for prizes.

3. Run errands for family and friends.

If you know someone who is freakishly busy or an elderly person who is unable run small errands, offer to pick up their laundry or get their groceries for a few bucks. Then, do their errands while running your own.

4. Donate your plasma.

This isn't one you should do too often, especially if you are petite in stature. With plasma, the more you weigh the more money you make, since you are able to donate more. Both ZLB Plasma Services at (480) 894-1338 and Aventis Bio-Services at (480) 968-6139 are located in Tempe.

5. Raid your CDs and DVDs.

Go through your CD and DVD collection and eliminate any that make you wonder, "What was I thinking when I bought that?" Zia Record Exchange (105 W. University Drive) and Hoodlums in the Memorial Union are great places to sell and trade.

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