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Local Limelight: Rock on - online, that is is part radio station, part e-zine and all rock

 by Si Robins
 published on Thursday, August 31, 2006



The phrase "brutalize me with good music" greets you as you log on to

Images of Bob Marley and Dave Navarro are displayed next to links for the "Daily Rock Show" and "HomeGrown Heroes" radio shows, accesible with one simple clicks of the mouse.

Part online radio station, part e-zine and part portfolio, RnR gives you all things rock. Because the Web site covers both signed and unsigned artists, it is a great place to discover all kinds of new tunes. The site also features an extensive collection of photography - a recent highlight includes Joan Jett's performance at the Chandler Ostrich Festival - and artist interviews and profiles.

Rawk Media Network's head honcho Lisa Rodriguez says targets all music fans.

"We're currently building up a catalogue of exclusive content - concerts, backstage videos, photography," she says. "We're catering to true music lovers, giving them stuff they won't see anywhere else. The radio station is pretty liberal as far as music styles go. There's something for everyone."

Brand spankin' new and ready for its moment in the limelight, is taking the show on the road. RnR is presenting the first of three "launch parties" Saturday, Sept. 2, at Stray Cats Bar and Grill in Tempe (2433 E. University Drive). RnR shows will continue to pop up nationwide - including both artist and fan interviews that will be available on the Web site.

Coming soon will be flocks of street teams, searching for new local talent to pass along to listeners nationwide. Rodriguez is also looking to set up internships at RnR for college and high school students.

"We'll have opportunities for students to jump on board [at Rawk Media Network] and get credit," Rodriguez says. "Any student can appreciate what we do. What they learn [at Rawk Media Network], they'll never learn in a classroom."

For now, the Phoenix area is a key player in the launch of the RnR site.

"The talent pool is immense in Phoenix. It's surprising," Rodriguez says. "ASU is right there. There's good weather and good opportunity."

Local bands March Against Fear, 24 Hours and Playing God will join Tucson's Ph8 on the bill for RnR's first launch party in Tempe.

Ph8 drummer Michael Hummer is excited to be supporting the new site.

"I think the way their site is set up is perfect," Hummer says. "They pull people in with the music they know and also make the unknown artists available if [the listener] is adventurous. Any site that promotes local music and unsigned artists is important."

Justin Paup, guitarist/vocalist for 24 Hours, hopes plenty of ASU students come out to the show.

"They will get a chance to see four of the best artists [in Arizona] all in one night," he says.

Mike Dryden, singer for Playing God, says local bands are interested in working with RnR because they can help each other.

"Just like local bands need support, so does any other music business like a radio station, even if it's on the [Internet]," Dryden says. "And that's really where the music business is going."

RnR will host two more launch parties at Stray Cats on Sept. 22 and Oct. 7. Phoenix bands Vayden and Conscious Collective are set to appear, as well as Casa Grande screamers The Selma Red Tribute and more.

"The goal [of these shows] is to brand RnR with the local music community - both the local musicians in these cities and the listeners seeking new music," Rodriguez says.

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