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On the Cover: Spirited Redemption
Enjoying keg parties and two-for-one shot specials doesn't make you an alcoholic -— but it can make you a murderer. Here's how drinking and driving for the first time led to disaster for one typically responsible 21-year-old — and how it could happen to you.

Stephen Cauley doesn't remember killing Benjamin Johnson.

The night of June 19, 2004, Cauley left a South Carolina bar, clumsily climbed into his '96 Eclipse and drove to a nearby Waffle House to sober up.

It was the first time he'd driven drunk. And it was the last time 68-year-old Johnson ever went on an early-morning bike ride.

"I don't remember ever getting into the car," Cauley, now a 24-year-old student at Paradise Valley Community College, gravely says.

Cauley was blacked out during the accident. Too drunk to realize he'd gotten in his car. Too drunk to comprehend he was driving. Too drunk to realize he'd just hit a man.

In the know
If you're drunk, you shouldn't drive.
This concept is simple. It's a tenant everyone knows about, and most people attempt to follow - in theory, anyway.
But unfortunately, it's at the very moment when a person's cognitive abilities are most impaired that they make the fateful decision to drive after drinking.

Not Normal
Photo Illustration by Katie Lehman/State Press Magazine
Josh Almond’s blockhead and wheel sculpture symbolizes the “despondency tht many Americans seem to be feeling at the moment.” A weathered artist's figurine sits atop an equally battered sawhorse. A notch is worn into the forehead.

This is Josh Almond's perception of normality.

Almond and six other master of fine arts students tackled the topic of normality in an exhibit on display at ASU's Step Gallery.

Local Limelight: Rock on - online, that is

The phrase "brutalize me with good music" greets you as you log on to
Images of Bob Marley and Dave Navarro are displayed next to links for the "Daily Rock Show" and "HomeGrown Heroes" radio shows, accesible with one simple clicks of the mouse.

Cornish pasties: not tasty
English food is bad.
I've heard this said by other people all my life, but for some reason, I never believed it. That is, until I ate a Cornish pasty.
The Cornish pasty (pronounced pass-tee) is a pocket of dough stuffed with a variety of ingredients and then fried. The pasty hails from Cornwall (in southwest England), where it was the perfect meal for miners - they held the pasty by its crimped edge, which they threw away after they were finished eating.

Top 5: ways to make quick money - legally
1. Sell your old clothes.
Do you still have T-shirts you haven't worn since high school? Take your old clothes to places like Buffalo Exchange (227 W. University Drive) or My Sister's Closet (6204 N. Scottsdale Road).

Smart sentiments
Photo illustration by Jeremiah Armenta / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE
IQ isn’t everything. Being emotionally intelligent can be just as important as having traditional smarts. From Einstein to members of Mensa, everyone knows that a high IQ means a person is intelligent.

After all, in order to get good grades and be a success in life, it is necessary to have a high IQ, a score that measures your cognitive abilities.

Or is it?

It turns out that according to some experts, a person's "intelligence quotient" is only one part of the total package when it comes to overall smarts.

On the runway: Beauty from abroad
Threading is a great alternative to waxing or plucking, because it’s very precise and leaves a more defined shape. Blush, tweezers and deep-clean conditioners are products almost every American college-aged woman owns. Dig deeper into her bathroom, and who knows what other beauty products you will find. But what most women don't know is that there are beauty secrets from around the world, turning even geography into a sexy subject.

Culture Shock: Irked and Inked
We've all seen flawless models in Cosmo and on America's Next Top model. But according to Missy Suicide (real name: Selena Mooney) this cookie-cutter image is not hot.
That is why Mooney started the Suicide Girls Web site,, where models with tattoos, piercings and individuality are in, and flawless blondes are out.

Tech Check: No more fuzzy mold sandwiches
Are you going to eat that? If not, then why is it still in your fridge?
The age-old dilemma of keeping track of the amount of time leftovers have been in your refrigerator can lead to wasted food at best, and unfortunate cases of food poisoning at worst.
But now there's a new way to make sure that you trash any food that has reached its expiration date.

Your health up in smoke
Tempe resident Paul Romero stirs the tobacco in a hookah at King Tut's Hookah lounge on Apache Boulevard in Tempe. Bob Marley's soothing voice envelopes the ornately adorned room and the vibrantly colored tapestries adorning the ceiling and walls.

A group of customers, exhaling thick clouds of sweet-smelling smoke, chat and pass around a long plastic hose attached to a glass water pipe that is decorated with gold paint and tassles.

They pass. They puff. They hang out.

Ask Lisa: No need for plastic surgery
Well everyone, here's what you've all been waiting for: the first installment of advice from little old me. Again, please e-mail me with any and all of your crises (big or small), and I'll do my best to make them seem okay.

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