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Another round before the next touchdown

Christopher Atwood / THE STATE PRESS
ASU students get ready for a game against University of Southern California last season.
ASU is expecting about 55,000 fans for the first ASU football game of the season tonight, and although problems are rare, alcohol is usually behind unruly behavior.

"Most of the cases of disorderly conduct are a result of alcohol," said ASU police Commander Jim Hardina.

Although alcohol is not sold during ASU games, some fans spend too much time tailgating and are intoxicated walking into the stadium, he said.

Most of the problems that occur in the stands are disorderly conduct and alcohol-related issues, said ASU police Commander Mark Roberts.

Rock the vote, Illinois style

When psychology junior Jack Kenoe left Illinois and headed back to ASU for the fall semester, he decided to bring a bit of his summer job with him.

Kenoe, who registered voters and worked in a Chicago campaign office this summer began registering students from Illinois to vote in their home state.

"I still live in Illinois for a lot of the year, so those issues [from home] still have an impact for me," he said.

Embattled Devils eager to finally play a game

When the ASU football team takes to the field tonight, the game will be a welcomed distraction after all it's endured this preseason.

Several obstacles the Sun Devils' have been faced with are a quarterback competition turned controversy, injuries to key players such as junior H-back Brent Miller and senior defensive end Loren Howard, and a shortened stay at Camp Tontozona due to rain.

Yet, after nearly 30 practices, the team is eager to take out their frustrations on someone else.

"We're ready to play a game," coach Dirk Koetter said. "We need to play a game. Every team comes to the point where you've practiced against yourselves all that you can and you need to find where you are at so you can measure yourself against something."

The season opener against in-state foe NAU will be the 35th time the two schools have met, but only the third time since 1950.

Devils strive for national title in '06-07

Being one shot away from a Pac-10 championship last season, the ASU women's golf team likes its chances of making another run at the conference's crown and a possible NCAA championship.

"We can win it all," senior Lindsay Anderson said. "This is the first year I can confidently say we can win a national championship."

On the Cover: Spirited Redemption

Enjoying keg parties and two-for-one shot specials doesn't make you an alcoholic -— but it can make you a murderer. Here's how drinking and driving for the first time led to disaster for one typically responsible 21-year-old — and how it could happen to you.

Stephen Cauley doesn't remember killing Benjamin Johnson.

The night of June 19, 2004, Cauley left a South Carolina bar, clumsily climbed into his '96 Eclipse and drove to a nearby Waffle House to sober up.

It was the first time he'd driven drunk. And it was the last time 68-year-old Johnson ever went on an early-morning bike ride.

"I don't remember ever getting into the car," Cauley, now a 24-year-old student at Paradise Valley Community College, gravely says.

Cauley was blacked out during the accident. Too drunk to realize he'd gotten in his car. Too drunk to comprehend he was driving. Too drunk to realize he'd just hit a man.

Not Normal

A weathered artist's figurine sits atop an equally battered sawhorse. A notch is worn into the forehead.

This is Josh Almond's perception of normality.

Almond and six other master of fine arts students tackled the topic of normality in an exhibit on display at ASU's Step Gallery.
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