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Regents look into rising textbook prices

Ashley Lowery / THE STATE PRESS
Architecture sophomore John Ruthleutner browses for a notebook Thursday at the ASU Bookstore. He said he spent $150 and still had to buy $250 more in books for this semester.
For years, student leaders have tried to fight rising textbook prices with demonstrations and proposals without much success.

But now the Arizona Board of Regents has created a task force to investigate the rising costs, based on the belief that prices are climbing faster than inflation.

Ed Hermes, a student regent for ABOR, is heading the task force.

"I've been talking to students about textbooks for the last year," Hermes said. "A lot of students were like, 'It's what we can we do about it?'"

The task force is made up of students, faculty and administrators from ASU, UA and NAU as well as regents, and will have its first meeting in September, Hermes said.

Telescope to delve into unknown

ASU professors are developing a telescope that may shed light on a mysterious dark force that has puzzled astronomers for years.

The invisible force, called dark energy, makes up an estimated 73 percent of the universe, yet no one really knows what it is or how it works, said astronomy professor Rogier Windhorst.

Union Market expands offerings

Grocery and corner stores may be a thing of the past for ASU campus residents looking for necessities such as condoms and toilet paper.

The newly renovated Union Market, located in the Memorial Union, has added an extensive array of products that range from cleaning supplies to trash bags.

Volleyball opens 2006 hosting tourney

Junior defensive specialist Alison Lund gets ready to serve the ball during volleyball practice at Wells Fargo Arena Tuesday.
Hoping to get its season started on a positive note, the ASU volleyball team opens up its 2006 campaign hosting the Hilton Phoenix/East Mesa Sun Devil Volleyball Classic this weekend.
The Sun Devils begin play Friday night against Northeastern and finish the round-robin tournament on Saturday by facing both Utah Valley State and Loyola Marymount.

After losing two of its first three matches last year, coach Brad Saindon is hoping his team can get off to a better start this time around.

"We want to win this tournament," he said. "That would give us a lot of momentum."

Saindon said he expects Loyola Marymount to be the best team the Sun Devils will face this weekend. He added the match takes on additional significance because the two teams are in the same region.

"That match is very important in terms of our regional ranking," Saindon said. "They have a great volleyball tradition and they are going to be a really good team. We're going to have to play really well to beat them.

Soccer tests newcomers at UC Irvine

Spring and summer were spent reloading a squad decimated by graduation.
Now the ASU soccer team hopes that fall will be where the wins come in.

On the Cover: Double Take

On a hot Sunday afternoon in August, Danielle and Barry Lindsey move into their new Tempe condominium. Two bicycles rest by the door, and the view from the foyer reveals a cluttered kitchen and a living room littered with boxes.

The Lindseys are in the middle of it all, trying to figure out where to move a large brown couch. While the room is in disarray from the move, Danielle and Barry work together seamlessly. It's no wonder - they've been roommates on and off for more than 20 years.

No, Danielle and Barry are not married - they are twins.

But Danielle says their relationship wasn't always this smooth when they were younger.

"We did not get along at all," she says.

Barry says they always had the same classes, the same friends and their teachers always knew them, because their parents were their school's band directors.

Fake bird sounds on Mill Avenue irk some patrons

It's a typical night on Mill Avenue.

Couples holding hands and groups of mostly young people crowd the sidewalks and shops.

An older man with wild gray hair plays his guitar, an empty case set out in front of him to collect tips.

And from the tops of the large, lush trees that line the walkway, exotic bird noises travel down from speakers to unsuspecting ears below.

"It's kind of something you'd expect at Disneyworld, right?" said passer-by Blake Reno, 26, regarding the bird noises. "It's a little bit tacky."

Tacky or not, the phony bird calls have little to do with a desire to create a tropical atmosphere on Mill Avenue.
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