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In the Know

 by Stephanie Berger
 published on Thursday, August 24, 2006


In the Know

Change is good.

Well, people will tell you that, anyway. Like when your parents said it in high school as a justification to stop paying you a weekly allowance.

Or when your professors in college will say it as they ask you to completely revise that paper you pulled a Starbucks-fueled all-nighter writing.

Pepsi would tell you that its new ownership of all vending machines on campus is a good change (see "Culture Shock," Page 7). Likewise, establishments on Mill Avenue that allow only customers to use their restrooms might tell you that change is necessary (see Page 14).

So is this phrase always a veiled attempt at turning a negative into a positive? Considering the changes in the State Press Magazine this semester, I sure hope not.

You see, change in a weekly publication like SPM is necessary. Change allows us to keep up with what's new and interesting to students, as we hope to do in our "The Scene" and "It's The New Black" sections.

Change also keeps us on our toes, heading out from our basement office to interview interesting campus characters and to find out the latest news on issues throughout Tempe, which we'll attempt in our features and cover stories.

Very often, change is about helping people dismiss stereotypes and preconceived perceptions. That's what our first cover story of the semester (see Page 8-9) aims to do on the subject of twins. It turns out that these pairs are usually more different than you could imagine.

But the interesting aspect of change is that, contrary to the common saying, it isn't always good or bad. Sometimes it's about being in flux - trying out new things until you get it right.

That's what we're always doing here at SPM, which is why we need your help. Whether you're a new reader or a magazine devotee, we want your feedback. Please don't hesitate to tell us what's on your mind, from comments on specific stories to general critiques or overall appreciation for the magazine.

Just try to be considerate with your input. Despite my attempts at being thick-skinned, I'm a huge softy at heart. I used to get teased quite a bit on the playground. I was always the quiet, awkward girl who preferred reading novels and writing stories to playing sports or chasing boys.

I guess some things never change.

Stephanie Berger

Editor in Chief

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