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Tech Check: Pimpin' ain't easy

So get yo'self a Pimp Watch

 by Megan Salisbury
 published on Thursday, August 24, 2006

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By Megan Salisbury

Has your grandfather's pocket watch lost its bling? That ain't no thang son.

Frost that watch-tan-lined wrist of yours with a Pimp Watch.

Tokyo Flash watches are meant to make your wrist sparkle and your sexiness sizzle. Even Nelly would trade in his grill for one of these.

With L.E.D lights and chrome lining, you will not only look high-tech savvy, but hardcore with a Pimp Watch. And there are many unique styles and colors to choose - from a classic gold front to a sleek silver shine, these watches will make her Tiffany's earrings look faded.

Low on dough? These watches have it covered by staying cool on your wallet. Prices range from $50 to $190, so you'll have plenty of extra money to spend on your weekly Cristal. With names like "Pleasure Seeker" and "Trip the Light Fantastic," these watches are a sure bet that you will find yourself getting crunk.

So get a little fresh, and cool the ladies down with that ice on your wrist. We know you can't help that you're a P.I.M.P., so add to your fabulousness and visit to order your Pimp Watch.

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