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On the Cover: Double Take
On a hot Sunday afternoon in August, Danielle and Barry Lindsey move into their new Tempe condominium. Two bicycles rest by the door, and the view from the foyer reveals a cluttered kitchen and a living room littered with boxes.

The Lindseys are in the middle of it all, trying to figure out where to move a large brown couch. While the room is in disarray from the move, Danielle and Barry work together seamlessly. It's no wonder - they've been roommates on and off for more than 20 years.

No, Danielle and Barry are not married - they are twins.

But Danielle says their relationship wasn't always this smooth when they were younger.

"We did not get along at all," she says.

Barry says they always had the same classes, the same friends and their teachers always knew them, because their parents were their school's band directors.

Fashion: It's, like, totally rad
Spandex, T-dresses and big belts.

Sound familiar? Your big sister probably dressed like this when you were a child, and now it's your turn to make this style your own. Advice from local shop owners and retailers will help you re-do '80s fashion the right way.

Ugga Mugga: A journey back to the cradle
The childhood fantasy world of Mr. Rogers and his fanciful puppet friends have reintroduced themselves in the songs of Phoenix-based band Ugga Mugga.

This folk-ish grunge band, started by 18-year-old Tristan Jemsek, has brought a new sound and story to the Phoenix music scene.

When you gotta go, you gotta wait
Katie E. Lehman / THE STATE PRESS
The Borders Books and Music on Mill Avenue has resorted to a token-operated restroom “in an effort to provide clean and safe restrooms.” You're shopping on Mill Avenue, and you just want to get yourself an outfit for the party this weekend. But your bladder has something else in mind.

You are a customer - but at the wrong places, because public restrooms do not exist in many of the stores that line Mill Avenue.

Brite's Bites: Easy Eats
When people come to the Valley for the first time, they are almost always surprised. Surprised that we drive cars instead of riding horses and buggies; surprised that we eat in restaurants instead of saloons. I once had a pen pal from Illinois ask me if we even have paved roads.

But just because Phoenix isn't synonymous with culture like other major U.S. cities (New York and San Francisco, for example), doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The Valley has truly transformed since the days of the cowboy into a mecca of culture and creativity.

Tech Check: Pimpin' ain't easy
Photo courtesy of MCT Wire
Has your grandfather's pocket watch lost its bling? That ain't no thang son.

Frost that watch-tan-lined wrist of yours with a Pimp Watch.

Tokyo Flash watches are meant to make your wrist sparkle and your sexiness sizzle. Even Nelly would trade in his grill for one of these.

Culture Shock: Soft Drink Saga
Are ASU students connoisseurs of classic Coca Cola, or members of the Pepsi generation?

Regardless of their preferences, it appears that students are being forced into the latter category.

Watch your back
Photography student Dana Buhl demonstrates how easy it is to use the emergency boxes located around campus that dispatch police officers to the area in question. Back to school time has arrived once again, but this year the ASU student body has reason to be on edge. Security on campus is more important than ever following a summer full of terror in the Valley of the Sun.
This summer saw two separate serial killer cases: the Baseline Killer and the Serial Shooter. Although two suspects in the Serial Shooter case have been arrested, the Baseline Killer is still at large.

Jacqueline of Arabia
Camels sit in the desert sand at Wadi Rum, waiting patiently for the next tourist who wants a ride. The smell of dust fills the air as it swirls from one place to the next.

Like the dust, I too am a traveler - an individual with enough guts (or stupidity) to travel to the Middle East and say, "OK, so now what?"

This past summer I studied abroad for a month in Jordan, a Middle Eastern country that borders Israel, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. I ventured to this far off land to study the Arabic language and learn about the Muslim culture first hand.

RC Helicopters

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