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ASU Downtown Opens

Governor Janet Napolitano receives a standing ovation at her introduction Tuesday during the grand opening ceremonies for ASU's downtown Phoenix campus. The event took place in the new campus's University Center located at 411 North Central Ave. in Phoenix.
Despite the University Center's unfinished, industrial look the ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus is nearly ready to go after it's official opening early Tuesday morning.

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, ASU President Michael Crow and Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon were on hand to welcome students at the ceremony marking the beginning of ASU's venture downtown.

"The face of this city, this state, this valley is changing," Gordon said. "[We] are becoming known for education ... and this is just the beginning."

This fall, 2,500 students will attend the downtown campus, and 5,000 will take at least one class downtown, including online classes.

The College of Nursing, University College and the College of Public Programs have both moved their offices downtown this year and the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism is expected to follow in two years.

Tempe rent on the rise

Business and mass communication senior Matt Branham didn't expect to pay $750 monthly to live in a one-bedroom apartment when he moved to Tempe from Illinois.

He settled into his new home at the Quadrangles Village Apartments last month anyway, justifying the costs by evaluating the "nice sized area" around him and the decent size of his place. But he said he still thought his rent was overpriced.
"It would be about half as pricey in Illinois," the BIS major said.

Branham isn't alone. All across Tempe, apartment rental rates are on the rise - and the trend doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.

"As fewer and fewer people are able to purchase homes, we are really seeing rental rates go up," said Kent Gagon of First USA Realty.

Gagon added that the onset of condo conversions, where apartment complexes convert into individual condominiums for sale, also contributes to increases in rental rates. The reason is because many conversions are so overpriced that people who want to buy are often still forced to rent, he said.

Wind damage to Fulton Center closes College Ave.

Heavy winds are so far the only cause attributed to two large pieces of glass breaking off from the top of the Fulton Center Tuesday night.

Employees of the Fulton Center - formerly called the ASU Foundation building - were greeted with a surprise when they arrived at work Wednesday morning.

1,500 extra students won't strain new campus

Downtown ASU officials do not intend to implement any more changes than originally planned in spite of higher-than-expected enrollment numbers reported for the fall semester.

ASU downtown officials reported approximately 4,000 students enrolled at the new downtown Phoenix campus. This number is about 1,500 more students than campus officials originally anticipated.

ASU recycling no longer disposing of exams

ASU Recycling will no longer pick up and dispose of sensitive documents for campus departments.

Since the program began, the organization accepted quasi-confidential documents like exam answer grids with student ID numbers and sensitive course examinations.

Religious centers expand on campus

Religious institutions around ASU are under construction - some for the first time ever.

The All Saints Catholic Newman Center, the First United Methodist Church and the institute operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are all looking toward expansion and renovation to adapt to the growing student population at the Tempe campus.

ASU athletes rank among best

Courtesy of ASU Media Relations
Kaitlin Cochran is greeted by teammates after belting a home run in ASU's Super Regional contest.
When the final U.S. Sports Academy Director's Cup standings were determined at the end of the College World Series, ASU found itself in a familiar position.

The Sun Devils placed 13th-close to their average finish-in the Division I competition, while fellow Pac-10 schools Stanford and UCLA finished first and second respectively. In total, six Pac-10 teams placed in the top-15 this year.

The Director's Cup, awarded by the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA), ranks university athletic departments collectively based on the performance of 21 of its sports. The college can pick which 21 sports it will count if it sponsors more.

Tweak to BCS has top teams meeting in fifth game

The Bowl Championship Series gets yet another face-lift this season with the creation of a fifth game, the implementation of the so-called "double-hosting model" and a new television network.

Count the number of times the formula has been massaged, tweaked or outright overhauled, and you'll run out of appendages.

Comic convention hosts Snoop Dogg, hobbits

Photo Courtesy of Aaron Goldberg
Comic-fanaticism starts at an early stage. Fans from to two to 92 enjoyed the Comic-Con festival 2006 in San Diego, Calif., last weekend.
While riding the San Diego trolley recently, I overheard the annoyed tone of a fellow passenger.

"I was serving food to these guys the other day, and then out of nowhere they start throwing it at each other. Lobster tails and crab legs and stuff. They had to be over 20. And they were dressed up like Trekkies."

What might cause this reporter to wake up at 4 a.m., drive six hours across the desert and spend four days among the obscure? Why, the promise of Snoop Dogg, real live hobbits and a few airborne asps, of course.

That's right my friends: I took my first-ever trip to Comic-Con.

Held July 20-23 at the San Diego Convention Center, our fishy-smelling neighbor to the west annually plays host to Comic-Con International, the largest comic related convention in the world.
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