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Kruger Leaves ASU for UNLV

Aldei Gregoire / THE STATE PRESS
ASU senior guard Kevin Krguer attempts an in-bounds pass Jan. 27, 2005 against Washington State freshman guard Josh Akognon at Wells Fargo Arena.
Things just got a little harder for Herb Sendek and his staff in their first year at the helm of ASU basketball.

Junior guard Kevin Kruger, the team's leading scorer last season, has decided to transfer to UNLV and play under his father for his upcoming senior year.

The move was made possible with new NCAA legislation that allows a player who has already earned an undergraduate degree to transfer schools without being required to sit a season.

The rule was put into place so student-athletes could transfer to attend graduate school.

Construction hurdles to last into fall

Students arriving on campus in the fall will have to deal with much of the construction present on campus.

Construction around the Memorial Union and along University Drive is not scheduled to be completed until after the fall semester begins.

The construction outside of the MU covers the west side of the building, blocking two entrances. The utility tunnels in the area are being reinforced to handle more weight, said Brett Perozzi, executive director of the MU.

"It's so emergency vehicles can access all necessary areas of the campus," Perozzi said.

Bishara flees to Kuwait

An ASU student convicted in a fatal hit-and-run accident decided last Wednesday to voluntarily leave the United States and return to her home country of Kuwait instead of proceeding to court for forced deportation.

Reem Bishara, 20, told The Arizona Republic that she was eager to get back to Kuwait to see her family, including her ailing mother who is ill with leukemia.
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    Football tickets on pace to sell out in record time

    ASU student season tickets for the upcoming football season have sold faster this summer than most expected.

    Approximately 2,500 tickets have been sold, amounting to five times the number sold at this time last year.

    ASU football sold out last season for the first time in the last five years and saw its attendance nearly double from 2004.

    Baseball has two inducted to Hall of Fame

    ASU's own former coach Bobby Winkles and former player Bob Horner were among the first 10 players inducted to the new College Baseball Hall of Fame.
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    Lakehouse love is in the mailbox, not the box office

    Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
    The Lake House, rated PG, features a story of true romance between two people who have never met, different from the lust-at-first-sight stereotypes popular on screen today.
    Give love a chance.

    What do love and romance have to do with anything? Can you recall the last time you saw a major motion picture where two people fell in love before they physically christened their relationship?

    Okay, so you named a few, but you'll agree it happens oh rarely, right? Well, the absolute charm of director Alejandro Agresti's film The Lake House (besides watching Keanu Reeves try to "seriously" act) is the beauty of two people just getting to know one another.
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