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Routh a surprisingly super man
Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
Superman Returns is rated PG-13 and runs 154 minutes. The film opened nationwide last week. You've seen one caped-crusader sequel you've seen them all, right?
Join the club, if you are among the hordes of folks who weren't necessarily excited about yet another Superman adventure.

But Superman Returns is quite an engaging adventure. If you can manage to sit through the exhaustively boring opening credits and the first few minutes of the film, which is filled with obligatory character introductions, it will be worth the wait.

Brandon Routh (rhymes with South) is so perfect as Superman/Clark Kent, he sometimes looks like the valiant comic book character. A solid actor at only 27 years old, it seems that Iowa-born Routh will fly the Superman franchise torch for years to come.

Movie review: Caribbean pirates battle Superman
Brandon Routh embodies every physical aspect of Superman. He is an Alex Ross cardboard cut out. Christopher Reeve would have been extremely proud on Brandon Roth's looks because he is the alpha alpha male.
Unfortunately, Jerry Seinfeld had more drive and passion to be Superman in his Seinfeld show bit than Brandon Routh does in the entire two and a half hour movie of Superman Returns.

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