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Bishara found guilty

An ASU student was sentenced to 18 months probation at the Maricopa County Superior Court Thursday for fleeing the scene of a fatal accident in September 2005.

The charge was originally a felony, but sophomore Reem Bishara was allowed to plead guilty to a reduced misdemeanor on June 2.

Judge Richard Gama also ordered a federal immigration hearing, scheduled for today, which will settle the status of Bishara's student visa. She faces the possibility of deportation back to her home country of Kuwait.

Bishara told The Arizona Republic that she doesn't mind returning to Kuwait, but she feels the blame for the accident has been put unjustly on her.

"They took their anger out on whoever was there, and that was me," she said in an article in The Arizona Republic. "I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person."
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    World Cup Brings out Local Fans

    Deanna Dent / THE STATE PRESS
    Bioengineering senior Diego Diaz, left, cringes and Jane Tarasovic, right, cheers as the French make a goal against Brazil during Saturday’s 1-0 win for France. The goal was immediately thrown out only minutes before France scored to beat the world cup legend Brazil.
    Soccer, voetball, or futbol as it is known to the rest of the world is considered by many to be the only true international sport. With soccer clubs in everywhere from major cities to small towns, the entire world seems to grow up on the sport.

    So once every four years world renowned players leave their clubs to play for their homeland and proudly wear their native country's colors. This year fans came to Germany decked out in colors, wigs and costumes to support their teams.

    Baseball: Sun Devils add top recruiter to coaching staff

    The ASU baseball program announced the addition of one of the best recruiters in college baseball Friday at Packard Stadium.
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    Routh a surprisingly super man

    Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
    Superman Returns is rated PG-13 and runs 154 minutes. The film opened nationwide last week.
    You've seen one caped-crusader sequel you've seen them all, right?
    Join the club, if you are among the hordes of folks who weren't necessarily excited about yet another Superman adventure.

    But Superman Returns is quite an engaging adventure. If you can manage to sit through the exhaustively boring opening credits and the first few minutes of the film, which is filled with obligatory character introductions, it will be worth the wait.

    Brandon Routh (rhymes with South) is so perfect as Superman/Clark Kent, he sometimes looks like the valiant comic book character. A solid actor at only 27 years old, it seems that Iowa-born Routh will fly the Superman franchise torch for years to come.
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