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Gadget Corner: Facebook Conquers the World

Now you can lurk from your cell phone

 by Stephanie Berger
 published on Thursday, April 27, 2006


You thought that when you stepped away from your computer, you were safe from the dangerous procrastination tool (a.k.a social networking Web site) known as Facebook.

But with new Facebook Mobile, many of the functions of the site are available from your cell phone. Just activate the service by entering your phone number and carrier on the Web site, and text FBOOK (32665) to check the site.

You can check a friend's profile by texting their name to Facebook Mobile. Facebook will text you back with their profile information. Get the person's cell phone number by texting "cell (insert their name here)." The process works the same to send a friend a message or leave them a wall comment.

Meet a cute girl in your sociology class and just can't wait until you get home to add her as your friend? Text "add (her name)." You can also poke, check people's statuses and change your own status.

You can decide if you want to receive texts when you get a new message, wall post, friend request or poke. You can set Facebook to only text you at certain times of day and set a limit to how many times Facebook can text you per day so you won't go over your allotted monthly texts.

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