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Top 5: Ways to stay cool this summer

 by Lisa Przystup
 published on Thursday, April 27, 2006


1. Take a cold shower:
There should be two knobs in the bathtub, one marked "H" for hot and the other "C" for cold. Do not use the hot one. Turn the cold one on full blast. Take off your clothes. Get in and cool down. This same experience can be replicated in a swimming pool or at a water park but you'll need a bathing suit.

2. Drink something with ice in it:
When water reaches 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it freezes and forms ice. Ice can be made in your freezer in ice cube trays that can be found at Walgreens. You can also buy ice in bags from your local liquor store or Circle K. Pour a beverage of your liking into a glass, add ice and enjoy. Insta-cool down! Noon - 6

3. Turn down the AC:
In your house or apartment, there should be a little box on the wall that measures the temperature. There is a heating setting and a cooling setting. Turn the cooling setting on and set the temperature to about 70 degrees. Sit down and begin mentally preparing yourself for your gargantuan electric bill. If strapped for cash head to your local movie theater and enjoy a good three hour chunk of air conditioning and entertainment for less than $10.00.

4. Open freezer door, insert head:
In your kitchen there should an appliance called a refrigerator. The upper half is usually significantly cooler than the larger lower half. Actually, it's freezing. Open the door to this part of the appliance and insert your head.

5. Have some ice cream:
Head to your local grocery store. Ask a friendly representative where their ice cream is. They'll probably say, "In the freezer aisle." Go there. Buy a pint or quart of ice cream (Sorbet is OK too). Go home an enjoy your ice cream. When finished enjoying, store the ice cream in a cool place, like your freezer. Take this opportunity to enjoy number four of "Top 5 Ways to Stay Cool this Summer." If you want to feel fancy get thee to 'The Gelato Shop,' on 40th Street and Cambell, enjoy ice cream that has been taken to the nth level.

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