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125 ASU employees benefiting from minimum wage increases

More than 125 ASU employees will benefit from the administration's decision to raise the minimum wage on campus to $9 per hour. The raise will increase the minimum wage for non-contracted ASU employees who work hourly, said Lisa Frace, associate vice president for planning and budget.

These employees are those who work at the University on regular schedules, including full time and part time, she said. Student workers and people employed through outside contracts are not considered hourly workers and will not benefit from the wage increase.

Site still set on creating perfect class schedules

A Web site that helps students get the classes they need has been a profitable business for one ASU student, but it's not catching on at other universities., a Web site started two years ago by computer science senior Rocky Smith, now has about 600 customers.

6 license plates stolen from Structure 1

Six license plates were reported stolen from Parking Structure 1 last week, but ASU police are unsure if the incidents were related, a public safety department representative said. The plates were stolen between Monday and Wednesday from Structure 1, which is located just west of the Student Recreation Complex.

Sendek making moves, moving in

Photo courtesy of ASU media relations.
It's been less than a month since ASU men's basketball coach Herb Sendek was hired, and his office is still as bare as when he first arrived -- except for a bottle of wine in the corner. "Someone sent me a bottle of wine, so I think I'll keep it for a special occasion," Sendek said.

That occasion may have come sooner than expected as Jeff Pendergraph -- an all-Pac-10 Freshman Team selection last season -- confirmed he would return to ASU for his sophomore season. Pendergraph had expressed uncertainty about returning to the Sun Devil program after former coach Rob Evans' dismissal on March 10.

W Golf: Devils handling field at Pac-10s

The ASU women's golf team finished the opening round of play at the Pac-10 Championship Monday as the only squad to shoot under par.

Border Patrol

Photo courtesy of Ryan Riedel
As hundreds of thousands of marchers gathered in downtown Phoenix in mid-April to voice their dissatisfaction with anti-immigration legislation, two former ASU students were quietly continuing their own form of protest 30 miles southwest of Tucson. Ryan Riedel and Ray Ybarra are keeping a close eye on the civilian border watchdogs, the Minutemen.

Both men graduated from ASU with degrees in religious studies, though Ybarra is three years Ryan's senior. Both studied under religious studies professor Ken Morrison, who introduced them last year. Like many new graduates, Riedel says he was unsure of exactly what he wanted to do. He met his inspiration in the form of a 23-year-old cyclist who was bicycling his way from coast to coast.

Strange Education: Out of the Shadows

It was a long time ago, but 23-year-old ASU student Luz* will never forget the day she ducked through a hole in a fence somewhere near the Mexican border town of Nogales and found herself in America.

Feminism: Show Us Where the Babies Feed

I remember the event clearly. It was a weekend night at some awful bar that caters to dewy-eyed ASU students, eager to live out their MTV fantasies. The dance floor (and I use the term "dance" loosely) was packed, girls were wasted and guys were either a) watching or b) standing in as a human stripper pole as some stumbly gyrating girl went to town.
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