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Manzanita resident evicted due to Facebook pictures

Caitlin Coonan / THE STATE PRESS
Freshman Phil Linden was kicked out of Manzanita in early April for drinking and is now living out of his friend's apartment near campus. The only evidence used against him was Facebook photos.
On March 24, Residential Life officials informed Phillip Linden that he had five days to move out of his room in Manzanita Hall. Linden, an undeclared freshman, was told that the University had come across evidence that showed he had violated Residential Life's alcohol and drug policies.The evidence was photographs from

Residential Life employees laid several photographs showing Linden holding beer and marijuana on an office table. "They explained to me that Facebook is a public site, so ... they have the right ... to go on Facebook and look at the pictures and take up action," Linden said. Kendra Hunter, an associate director for Residential Life, would not comment specifically on Linden's case, but she did say Residential Life has taken action on pictures posted on Facebook.

Court ruling may put Tempe urban camping ordinance in jeopardy

A recent federal appeals court ruling said Los Angeles cannot criminalize homeless people for sleeping in public, and the decision may apply to Tempe, an ASU law professor said Wednesday.

McCain talks immigration reform

A day after Sen. John McCain chatted with Jay Leno, he headed to Tempe Wednesday to join Mayor Hugh Hallman for a taping of Hallman's monthly TV show, "Let's Talk Tempe."

More than 200 Valley citizens listened to the frontrunner for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination talk about political issues, including his proposed immigration plan.

Gymnastics: Orlando's comeback just in time for nationals

Photo courtesy of ASU media relations
Tia Orlando thought her season was over. The highly touted freshman was scheduled to be the next big thing for the ASU gymnastics team, and her impact was supposed to be felt immediately. But Orlando never got the opportunity. After performing the all-around in ASU's initial four meets of the season, she tore the arch of her foot during a meet against Utah Feb. 3 and hasn't performed since. The injury was supposed to take about six weeks to heal, but the severity of it continued to delay her training.

Flash forward 2 1/2 months, and Orlando is finally ready to return to competition -- just in time for the NCAA National Championships in Corvallis, Ore. If ASU hadn't finished in the top two at its regional appearance in Ames, Iowa April 8, Orlando would have had to wait until next year to try living up to her hype.

Golf: Canizares taking different path

Phil Mickelson and Billy Mayfair can wait. Alejandro Canizares' golf career at ASU rivals that of the most successful alumni to ever don maroon and gold.

Border Patrol

Photo courtesy of Ryan Riedel
As hundreds of thousands of marchers gathered in downtown Phoenix in mid-April to voice their dissatisfaction with anti-immigration legislation, two former ASU students were quietly continuing their own form of protest 30 miles southwest of Tucson. Ryan Riedel and Ray Ybarra are keeping a close eye on the civilian border watchdogs, the Minutemen.

Both men graduated from ASU with degrees in religious studies, though Ybarra is three years Ryan's senior. Both studied under religious studies professor Ken Morrison, who introduced them last year. Like many new graduates, Riedel says he was unsure of exactly what he wanted to do. He met his inspiration in the form of a 23-year-old cyclist who was bicycling his way from coast to coast.

Strange Education: Out of the Shadows

It was a long time ago, but 23-year-old ASU student Luz* will never forget the day she ducked through a hole in a fence somewhere near the Mexican border town of Nogales and found herself in America.

Feminism: Show Us Where the Babies Feed

I remember the event clearly. It was a weekend night at some awful bar that caters to dewy-eyed ASU students, eager to live out their MTV fantasies. The dance floor (and I use the term "dance" loosely) was packed, girls were wasted and guys were either a) watching or b) standing in as a human stripper pole as some stumbly gyrating girl went to town.
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