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Students take tuition protests to Capitol

Students from ASU, UA and NAU gathered outside the state Capitol in Phoenix Monday to protest fall's proposed 8.5 percent tuition increase and to request more state funding for Arizona's universities.
More than 30 students from the ASU Advocacy Group took their tuition protest directly to the source of higher education funding Monday -- the state Capitol. The group rallied with about 10 students from UA and one from NAU to persuade the Legislature to fully fund higher education in Arizona.

Corinne Widmer, president of Undergraduate Student Government, said because tuition at ASU has increased 70 percent for resident undergraduates, it is time for the Legislature to use its budget for higher education.

Parking issues may go up with ASU decal costs, restaurants say

Parking problems are nothing new for downtown Tempe, but ASU's rising parking rates could make things even more crowded, some local restaurants said. For restaurants like Ruby Tuesday, located on at Mill Avenue and University Drive, parking is a constant struggle, said District Manager Bobbi Frye.

Mill Ave. food critic hopes beauties can promote businesses

A self-proclaimed ambassador for downtown Tempe has started a beauty pageant to attract more visitors to Mill Avenue.

Tempe resident Dennnis Skolnick, 51, said he launched the Miss Mill Avenue pageant last month to bring more attention to downtown Tempe businesses.
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    Lacrosse: Devils fall to Wildcats in season finale

    Photo courtesy of Jessica Love Slater Midfielder Austin Gray goes in for the score against UA during Saturday's game.
    The No. 18 men's lacrosse club had its playoff hopes crushed when it lost 14-9 to rival No. 11 UA Saturday night at Scottsdale Community College. ASU (8-6) fell behind early in the second quarter and was unable to catch up to their ball-controlling opponents. "We gave up some early goals, and unfortunately, we couldn't catch up in the end," senior Paul Komar said.

    The Sun Devils fell asleep in the second quarter, allowing six goals, putting them down 9-4 at the half. "We were fighting from behind the whole time," said freshman defensemen Justin Krider. "Trying to come back was tough." ASU came out in the second half, determined to get back in the game, but were outscored again in the third period, 4-3.

    Hoops: Men's team loses scholarships

    ASU has been penalized two scholarships for failing to meet academic standards under Division I Academic Progress Rates. The rates measure a program's ability to retain student athletes and those athletes progress toward a degree.
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    Got Game?

    On the cover
    "I'm a terrorist," casually declares global studies freshman Matt Morgan, staring intently into the glare of his computer screen. "It's my job to plant the bomb without any counter-terrorists getting in the way."

    Morgan hardly looks the part. Dressed in shorts, a baggy T-shirt, with blond curls tucked neatly underneath a baseball cap, Morgan looks a lot like your average college student.

    But then he is a college kid; it's just that he's also a terrorist in his spare time -- his video gaming time. Tonight, at Warzone Gaming on McClintock and Elliot in Tempe, Morgan's hands -- one massaging his mouse, the other twitching above his keyboard -- are about to start moving wildly, causing a havoc of bullets and explosions on the screen.

    The Afterlife: From Sci-Fi to Science Class

    Imagine you're sitting in class, minding your own business, when you're suddenly struck by an aneurism, or something similarly fatal.

    Combat Zone: Playing Soldier

    The sun is barely peeking out over the Eastern horizon, casting gray light over the desert landscape. Twelve men and women dressed in camouflage crouch behind sparse bushes. Their boots dig into the dirt as they make their way uphill. They are searching for an enemy that they've been ordered to find and destroy.
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