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Natural gas leak sparks evacuation

Rural Road was shut down between Rio Salado Parkway and Terrace Road for about an hour Thursday morning because of a gas line leak. Tempe police Sgt. Dan Masters said police received a call about the leak from the Tempe Fire Department at 9:40 a.m. The road was reopened shortly before 11 a.m.

Masters said a construction crew working on Rural Road struck a natural gas line. The Beverly Hills Hand Car Wash and the Shell gas station were evacuated, Masters said. Two ASU buildings were also evacuated because the gas was blowing toward the buildings, he added.

Hayworth chats about immigration

U.S. Congressman J.D. Hayworth paid a special visit to the College Republicans' meeting Thursday to talk about immigration reform and other issues he plans to focus on in his 2006 re-election campaign. About 50 students showed up for the College Republicans' weekly meeting.

Speaker: Save 'nature's creations'

A Pulitzer Prize-winning scientist and conservationist said Thursday more money and resources are needed for preserving biodiversity. Harvard Professor Emeritus Edward O. Wilson said if plant and animal species were allowed to rapidly deplete as they are currently, future generations would lose out.

Pat's Run brings out ASU athletes

ASU junior quarterback Sam Keller never had the chance to meet former Sun Devil Pat Tillman -- Tillman found success as a Sun Devil years before Keller committed to ASU. The same is true for Zach Miller and Keegan Herring, who were busy breaking high school records while Tillman flourished as a Cardinals safety.

But, Keller, Miller and Herring didn't have to meet Tillman to understand the contributions he made on and off the field. That's why they and the ASU football team will be at the second annual Pat's Run on the 42-yard line of Sun Devil Stadium as participants cross the finish line.

Baseball: Late-inning collapse ruins rally

The No. 13 ASU baseball team didn't have an answer for USC starter Ian Kennedy through the first five innings.

Got Game?

On the cover
"I'm a terrorist," casually declares global studies freshman Matt Morgan, staring intently into the glare of his computer screen. "It's my job to plant the bomb without any counter-terrorists getting in the way."

Morgan hardly looks the part. Dressed in shorts, a baggy T-shirt, with blond curls tucked neatly underneath a baseball cap, Morgan looks a lot like your average college student.

But then he is a college kid; it's just that he's also a terrorist in his spare time -- his video gaming time. Tonight, at Warzone Gaming on McClintock and Elliot in Tempe, Morgan's hands -- one massaging his mouse, the other twitching above his keyboard -- are about to start moving wildly, causing a havoc of bullets and explosions on the screen.

The Afterlife: From Sci-Fi to Science Class

Imagine you're sitting in class, minding your own business, when you're suddenly struck by an aneurism, or something similarly fatal.

Combat Zone: Playing Soldier

The sun is barely peeking out over the Eastern horizon, casting gray light over the desert landscape. Twelve men and women dressed in camouflage crouch behind sparse bushes. Their boots dig into the dirt as they make their way uphill. They are searching for an enemy that they've been ordered to find and destroy.
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