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Top 5: Myspace photos

 by Lisa Przystup
 published on Thursday, April 13, 2006


1. The Arm's Length Self-Portrait:
Probably the most popular photo on MySpace, the subject stretches his or her arm as far away as possible from the body, tilts the head down, coquettishly raises the eyes up and hopes for the best. It usually is anything but.

2. The Computer Camera Glamour Shot:
A close cousin to the arm's length self-portrait. The only difference is the camera is on top of one's computer "American Pie" style, instead of in the subject's hands. Noon - 6pm

3. The Bathroom Mirror Picture:
Yet another version of the MySpace self-portrait, the subject takes advantage of his or her bathroom mirror to snap a sassy photo. Usually characterized by the bounced-back flash of the camera, or what one thinks at the time is a creative use of more than one mirror.

4. The "I have a photographer friend" Picture:
Overly stylized photo shoots by photographers who are not, and probably never will be, professional or famous. This is the one thing they share with the subject. That, and self-adulation.

5. The Soft Porn Picture:
Fuzzy, out of focus, scantily-clothed girls eagerly arch their backs, widen their eyes, part their lips and stick their asses up in the air as if there was some sort of mysterious gravitational pull connected to their posteriors and the atmosphere of this planet. There is also the thong shot, the "Of course I hang around my house drinking milk out of a carton in my underwear, thigh high boots, and skimpy tank top" shot, and the ever popular cleavage shot.

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