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Got Game?
On the cover
"I'm a terrorist," casually declares global studies freshman Matt Morgan, staring intently into the glare of his computer screen. "It's my job to plant the bomb without any counter-terrorists getting in the way."

Morgan hardly looks the part. Dressed in shorts, a baggy T-shirt, with blond curls tucked neatly underneath a baseball cap, Morgan looks a lot like your average college student.

But then he is a college kid; it's just that he's also a terrorist in his spare time -- his video gaming time. Tonight, at Warzone Gaming on McClintock and Elliot in Tempe, Morgan's hands -- one massaging his mouse, the other twitching above his keyboard -- are about to start moving wildly, causing a havoc of bullets and explosions on the screen.

Combat Zone: Playing Soldier
Communications junior Nathan Levy discusses the morning’s drill while taking a quick break. The men have been up since 5 a.m. as part of their ROTC training. 
The sun is barely peeking out over the Eastern horizon, casting gray light over the desert landscape. Twelve men and women dressed in camouflage crouch behind sparse bushes. Their boots dig into the dirt as they make their way uphill. They are searching for an enemy that they've been ordered to find and destroy.

The Afterlife: From Sci-Fi to Science Class
Molecular biosciences and biotechnology major Marshall Reaves at his work station in the Biodesign Building. Reaves says he plans on having his body cryogenically frozen when he dies. His reason? Imagine you're sitting in class, minding your own business, when you're suddenly struck by an aneurism, or something similarly fatal.

Future Credits: New Kids on the Block
Jared Shelton and Scott Stine have bright film careers ahead of them -- their short film Jared Shelton grew up watching "The Terminator" and "Star Wars" with his dad and dreamed of becoming the man behind the camera. His friend Scott Stine, another "Star Wars" fan, always wanted to become a writer, which got him interested in moviemaking.

It's All Relative: One And Only
"The only child has difficulties with every independent activity and, sooner or later, they become useless in life."

Psychologist Alfred Adler, who died in 1937, made this allegation. Adler was one of the first psychologists to acknowledge that birth order might affect siblings' personalities, helping create the stereotypes that we often buy into today.

Fashion: Shop Smart
Sometimes it's necessary to post a list of rules for every shopper. To the majority of people, these unspoken rules of shopping are obvious. Others act like they've never stepped foot in a clothing store in their life. Below is SPM's guide to proper shopping etiquette for both veterans and novices of clothing shopping.

Thou shall not put your own clothing away after you've tried it on.
Although it seems like you're doing the employees a favor, you're not. Have you straightened the clothing properly? Is every button buttoned? Zipper zipped? Have you checked off every painstakingly minute detail to make sure it looks absolutely perfect? Are you even putting it away in the right place? We didn't think so.

Top 5: Myspace photos
1. The Arm's Length Self-Portrait:
Probably the most popular photo on MySpace, the subject stretches his or her arm as far away as possible from the body, tilts the head down, coquettishly raises the eyes up and hopes for the best. It usually is anything but.

2. The Computer Camera Glamour Shot:
A close cousin to the arm's length self-portrait. The only difference is the camera is on top of one's computer "American Pie" style, instead of in the subject's hands. Noon - 6pm

Local Limelight: Q & A With Andrew Jackson Jihad
Molecular biosciences and biotechnology major Marshall Reaves at his work station in the Biodesign Building. Reaves says he plans on having his body cryogenically frozen when he dies. His reason? Since they started playing together as Andrew Jackson Jihad, bassist Ben Gallaty and vocalist/guitarist Sean Bonnette have played an uncountable number of shows -- on stages, in basements and across the Western half of the United States.

Off Key: The Language of Dance
I write the following at the risk of sounding prudish or oppressive: I think the focus on sexuality in the way we dance falls tragically short of what dance could be.

Rather than tying us together in the glory of a repeated rhythm, dance has just become another way to express our American fetish with flesh -- "Look at my body!" scream the hips of the music video diva. The music is secondary to the strutting of those fortunate enough to have the curves our standards of attractiveness value.

Liner Notes: CD reviews
On this seven-song EP, local hip-hop artist Scott Allen seems to favor samples with piano and stringed instruments, which adds an interesting feeling of drama to all of the tracks, especially opener "Happy Guy." Subject matter ranges from blue-collar anthems to commentary on society and, of course, girls. Production is kind of thin, but it sounds good with Allen's straightforward vocal style. Recommended for people interested in checking out the local hip-hop scene. --

What's Happening: Calendar
Every year, Co-Curricular Programs & Activities sponsors this series of three lectures. Students nominate their favorite professors, and the winning three give talks that they prepare on whatever topic they choose, as if it were the last lesson they were ever going to teach. This is heavy stuff, but it's fun and entertaining too. And, of course, always educational. As part of the 11th Annual Last Lecture Series, history professor Matthew Whitaker will give his pseudo-final speech on "Understanding Interracial Unity." The speech starts at 7:30 p.m., with a reception beginning at 7:00 p.m. Come hear Whitaker's musings for free at the Memorial Union Pima Room 218. (480) 965-9600 or for more information.

From the Edge: Editorial
I've been told I have an addictive personality. I disagree, but I do think we all have at least one addiction. Something we think about and obsess over. Something that makes us feel good.

We don't even notice our addictions because they're just part of our daily lives. For example, in Megan's world, sleep is not a regular occurrence. So by default, Sugarfree Red Bull is.

RC Helicopters

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