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Some students blue about leaving Tempe

Caitlin Coonan / THE STATE PRESS
Dobson High School senior Jennifer Mills studies in her Mesa home Monday afternoon. She is one of the students who has reconsidered her major due to campus placement issues.
As ASU spreads out around the Valley, some students and prospective students say they want to stay in Tempe.

"I don't like it," said Ljubinka Andonoska, a first-year public instruction graduate student. "I rented an apartment here that is only five to 10 minutes from the [Tempe] campus."

Andonoska said she was trying to register for classes at the Tempe campus for the fall so she could stay close to home.

ASU geeks come to the rescue

For students stumped by computer problems, a group of geeks is here to help.
University Geeks, a student-run computer consulting company, sells computers and provides assistance for ASU students 24 hours a day.

"Our current client database has about 700 students," said accounting junior Alan Clifford, the company's co-founder. "We work with a few small businesses and a few individuals, but mainly students."

Businesses lobby for extra light- rail stop

If some Tempe businesses have their way, another light rail station will be added to northern Tempe.

The new station would be located at Washington Street and Center Parkway, just north of Tempe Town Lake, and would benefit students, said Julie Mitchell, with investor relations at Trillium Apartments at Rio Salado.

Football: From shadow to spotlight

photo courtesy of asu media relations
Junior Mike Pollak, here helping protect quarterback Andrew Walter, has gone from backup to one of the leaders of ASU's offensive line.
In the annual spring football game on Saturday, the offense will be split in two, with team captains Sam Keller and Rudy Carpenter taking turns drafting their respective squads. Not surprisingly, both want the same player with the No. 1 overall pick. Is it preseason Playboy All-American Zach Miller? No. How about flashy tailback Keegan Herring? Guess again.

The player both want is junior center Mike Pollak. "That's pretty cool that they would want to pick me," Pollak said. "I guess it's telling me that they trust me in what I am doing. Me and Sam were talking about it, but I didn't know Rudy said that about me. That's pretty cool that both want to pick me first." After two seasons of filling in for injured starters and playing a backup role to proven veterans, Pollak has suddenly become a leader on offense.

Softball: ASU missing golden opportunities

Thirty-six ASU base runners jogged back to the dugout without scoring last weekend.

Bigger Than Hip-Hop

On the cover
Hip-hop is making a name for itself in the Valley thanks to a collective of musicians and artists known as Universatile Music. Acting as both a record label and promotion company, UM was founded in 1999 by ASU alum Michael Horowitz and DJ Pickster One.

UM's current lineup includes recording artists Anglo-Saxon, Brad B, The Drunken Immortals, Jawa, Foundation, Pickster One, Skip Skoolnik, Mic Cause, Deeskee, Morse Code, Die Young, and visual artists Jim Mahfood, Fyce, Dumperfoo, David Joseph Perez, Jay Fotos, Lalo, Matt Dickson, and Jeltsoe. "It all kind of came about through skateboarding," Horowitz says. "I started getting into hip-hop, started hanging out at local hip-hop nights and chilling pretty tough with Morse Code, Pickster and the Drunken Immortals.

Local Limelight: Q & A with Landmine Marathon

After bassist Matt Martinez and guitarist Mike Waldron first heard Grace Perry scream, they knew she'd be a good match for the grind-core band they hoped to create in 2004. Today, these three, along with guitarist Eric Faylor and drummer Mike Beard, make up Landmine Marathon.

Real-Life Online: MySpace Memoriam

"I noticed you are ONLINE! And it's 9:27 here which means it's 7:27 there which means you are up early! Cool enjoy your day," reads the most recent message that I got from Craig Brooks on MySpace.
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