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Crow lonely during office hours

ASU President Michael Crow's attempts to connect with students through office hours may not continue next year if students don't show more interest. Crow began hosting office hours this semester for students to ask him questions and talk about important issues.

Denise Quiroz, communications manager for the president's office, said Crow hopes to continue holding office hours, but it depends on student interest. "It comes down to the students wanting to take part," she said.

Ironman races through Tempe

About 18,000 spectators cheered on their friends and family as the athletes climbed out of Tempe Town Lake Sunday, their wet suits splattering water everywhere. These individuals, competitors in Tempe's second annual Ironman Triathlon, stripped out of their suits with the help of volunteers after a 2.4-mile-long swim in the lake.

Relay for Life raises $75,000

Hundreds of ASU students walked together to raise $75,000 to benefit the American Cancer Society at this year's Relay for Life Friday night. Sixty-three teams, made up of seven to 15 members, took part in the 12-hour event at Sun Angel Stadium. At least one member of each team was on the track from 8 p.m. Friday to 8 a.m. Saturday.

M Hoops: Goldstein quits team

Chad Goldstein's career as an ASU basketball player came to an end before it had a chance to take off. Often injured during his only season at ASU, the 6-foot-9-inch freshman power forward has told the team he will not return next season. He will remain at ASU as a student. Goldstein said that injuries took a toll on his body and mind, causing him to lose passion for the game.

"Anytime someone does something for their entire life, there's always going to be that point in time when they're going to have to leave," he said. "To be honest, I thought it was going to be two years from now, when I graduated, but it just didn't make sense for me to keep on going."

Golf: Home not very sweet to Sun Devils

The ASU men's golf team's own golf course gave it problems Sunday. Thicker-than-normal rough and a water hazard on the 16th hole contributed to the No. 9 Sun Devils sixth-place finish in the Thunderbird Invitational at Karsten Golf Course in Tempe.

Bigger Than Hip-Hop

On the cover
Hip-hop is making a name for itself in the Valley thanks to a collective of musicians and artists known as Universatile Music. Acting as both a record label and promotion company, UM was founded in 1999 by ASU alum Michael Horowitz and DJ Pickster One.

UM's current lineup includes recording artists Anglo-Saxon, Brad B, The Drunken Immortals, Jawa, Foundation, Pickster One, Skip Skoolnik, Mic Cause, Deeskee, Morse Code, Die Young, and visual artists Jim Mahfood, Fyce, Dumperfoo, David Joseph Perez, Jay Fotos, Lalo, Matt Dickson, and Jeltsoe. "It all kind of came about through skateboarding," Horowitz says. "I started getting into hip-hop, started hanging out at local hip-hop nights and chilling pretty tough with Morse Code, Pickster and the Drunken Immortals.

Real-Life Online: MySpace Memoriam

"I noticed you are ONLINE! And it's 9:27 here which means it's 7:27 there which means you are up early! Cool enjoy your day," reads the most recent message that I got from Craig Brooks on MySpace.

Over Seas: Great Expectations

Many Americans move across the United States to study at different universities. College students can feel homesick and lonely at first, until they get used to the environment.
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