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Bigger Than Hip-Hop
On the cover
Hip-hop is making a name for itself in the Valley thanks to a collective of musicians and artists known as Universatile Music. Acting as both a record label and promotion company, UM was founded in 1999 by ASU alum Michael Horowitz and DJ Pickster One.

UM's current lineup includes recording artists Anglo-Saxon, Brad B, The Drunken Immortals, Jawa, Foundation, Pickster One, Skip Skoolnik, Mic Cause, Deeskee, Morse Code, Die Young, and visual artists Jim Mahfood, Fyce, Dumperfoo, David Joseph Perez, Jay Fotos, Lalo, Matt Dickson, and Jeltsoe. "It all kind of came about through skateboarding," Horowitz says. "I started getting into hip-hop, started hanging out at local hip-hop nights and chilling pretty tough with Morse Code, Pickster and the Drunken Immortals.

Over Seas: Great Expectations
It's tough for international students to get used to life in America. Many Americans move across the United States to study at different universities. College students can feel homesick and lonely at first, until they get used to the environment.

Built: Mod Squad
AZ 88, a popular bar in Scottsdale, is the perfect example of modernist architecture.  The modernist movement is alive and kicking in Phoenix. It's a sneaky little thing, but if you know what you're looking for, you see it everywhere. Modern design is a 20th-century movement. Its mission statement, according to the Design Within Reach Web site, is "to utilize current technologies and production methods to create more useful products for a broad audience."

Real-Life Online: MySpace Memoriam
Photo illustrationMani O'Brien keeps the memory of her late friend Craig alive by visiting his page. She says reading his comments helps her feel close to him.  
"I noticed you are ONLINE! And it's 9:27 here which means it's 7:27 there which means you are up early! Cool enjoy your day," reads the most recent message that I got from Craig Brooks on MySpace.

Top 5: Best places to get a drink and meal for under $7
1. Chuckbox, 202 E. University Drive
The Chuckbox on the corner of Forest Ave. and University Drive has been around for almost 20 years, and still reigns as the best burger place near campus. You can bite "The Big One," one of their signature burgers, and slurp down a soda for just under $7. The menu also offers chicken sandwiches, hot dogs and buffalo wings as well as a free scrumptious selection of condiments so you can customize your order.

2. E!Ba Cafe, 705 S. Forest Ave.
Head down Forest Avenue and you'll find E!ba Cafe. At this colorful, two-level restaurant you can get a smoothie with some friends, or order from their traditional Asian menu featuring items like chicken curry, dumplings and Spicy Thai Tom Yum. Nothing on the menu is more then $6. Noon - 6pm

Fashion: American Apparel
Only at American Apparel can we drop $40 on sweat pants and feel good about it. Mill Avenue has a new kid on the retail block. American Apparel, the T-shirt company that boasts a sweatshop-free product, opened in November on the corner of Mill and Sixth Street.

The company has enjoyed immense success between both the ethically conscious and style savvy. Its risque, soft porn-esque ad campaign featuring photographs of dewy-skinned, ethnically ambiguous alterna-kids lounging about in next to nothing has probably contributed to their popularity as well.

It's All Relative: It's Just A Number
When I was in high school, we had a name for younger girls who dated older guys. They were called "sophomore sluts" -- those brash and bold 14-to-16-year-old girls who went out with the 17-and-18-year-old guys.

Back then, a two-year age difference was just too big -- rumor had it that seniors only dated sophomores because they were easily impressed, and even easier to get into the sack.

Local Limelight: Q & A with Landmine Marathon

Photo courtesy of Landmine Marathon Wimps should probably steer clear of Landmine Marathonís show Sunday night. But if youíre not afraid of harsh guitars and equally brtutal vocals, or if youíre just into watching a hot chick scream, check it out. After bassist Matt Martinez and guitarist Mike Waldron first heard Grace Perry scream, they knew she'd be a good match for the grind-core band they hoped to create in 2004. Today, these three, along with guitarist Eric Faylor and drummer Mike Beard, make up Landmine Marathon.

Off Key: Selling Out and Buying In
The first time I saw the folk-punk (yes, it exists) band Against Me! headline a concert was on a brutally humid and scorching summer day three and a half years ago in our mutual home state of Florida. They played a small venue that also functioned as a pizza parlor. The show doubled as a rally for the Green Party.

We waited through a never-ending parade of acoustic acts in the sweltering heat, trying not to seem impatient. The anticipation increased when Against Me! showed up and unloaded their stuff, hanging out in the crowd and cracking jokes with strangers.

Gadget Corner: Spy Ware
There is something satisfying yet creepy about knowing who looks at your MySpace profile online.

The website "Who's On My Page" lets you track visits to your MySpace, Xanga, or TagWorld profiles, free of charge. The website tracks who visited your page, the number of times someone has viewed your profile, the last time they visited and their status based on how many times they have viewed your profile.

Liner Notes: CD reviews
Editors' debut album immediately calls to mind the rash of Joy Division and Echo & the Bunnymen-influenced bands gaining popularity.

Best known for their 2002 dance-rock debut, They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top, Liars' third and newest release, Drum's Not Dead, sounds like a completely different band.

Calendar: Something to do
Learn everything you ever wanted to know about tattoos, body modification and more at this three-day expo.

Enter yourself in one of many tattoo contests, with separate categories for everything from tribal and mythical tattoos to sexual and pin-up tattoos. Attend seminars on a variety of subjects, from learning how to tattoo to performing genital bead insertion (we never said this was for the faint of heart).

From the Edge: Editorial
As I sit down to write my column this week, my cheeks are a little red. Last week, in my haste to meet deadline, I made a glaring grammatical error. I failed to notice it. My assistant editor failed to notice it. Two copy editors failed to notice it.

But my readers didn't. I was pretty embarrassed, but I appreciated the feedback, especially when it was constructive.

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